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GOD IS SENDING THE RAVENS! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


Many of you have been through the school of hard knocks. Even at the toughest point of your life, God can reverse the very laws of nature to do something miraculous and impossible for you. Elijah experienced this first hand when his provisions came through the most unlikely prospect of ravens. They were doing something totally different from the way they normally operate. Instead of hanging around waiting for Elijah to die, they were assisting in sustaining his life.
You may be in a place of drought in your life. God can speak to any difficult circumstances and people to turn them around so they bless you. Simply because you obeyed him just like Elijah did. God told him to get down by the brook and wait there. Sometimes God will do that! He will have you waiting somewhere and pretty soon the ravens will be coming your way!
It may seem like your waiting is a waste of time, but God will show up. As you stay in that place of obedience, you will see unexpected blessings from the most unexpected places.
I am believing for you that the ravens will come to you from the North, South, East, and West. God will send them to sustain you right where you are at.  Continue to stay and obey in the toughest of times, God has the ability to turn this all around for you. God is saying right now, “I will speak to the ravens, everything will change!” I am believing God for you today that the ravens are coming your way. Breakthrough is on its way for you! Take a step in your waters of breakthrough and help others to also unlock their destiny. A love offering of $25, $50, or even $100 given to Spirit Fuel helps keep their ministry up and running to reach countless others for the Kingdom. Spirit Fuel is thankful for every partner and love offering given as together we are labourers in the harvest. A decree of double we proclaim over you in every area of your life in Jesus mighty name.



Today Is An Important Day!

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