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God Is Sending Waves of Restoration and Healing! – A Word by Deborah Perkins 

Deborah Perkins is a seasoned prophetic writer, teacher, and Christian leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience across denominations. Her passion is to communicate God’s heart to his people, empowering them to build the kingdom of God. Website: 
God Is Sending Waves of Restoration and Healing!
A Word by Deborah Perkins 
Many believers including myself have seen tsunami “waves” of revival coming in the Spirit: waves of God’s power and glory crossing the earth to wash away evil, corruption, or sin. 
Yet this morning as I prayed I heard the Lord say, “Look at this wave, Deborah.” When I looked, I saw waves of people – worshiping armies – moving across the earth, bringing refreshment and restoration to dry places. 
Immediately I was reminded of a football stadium, where cheering fans often “do the wave” by raising their hands in harmonious, precisely-timed coordination with each other to create a visible wave that travels through the entire arena. 
I heard the Lord say: “I am releasing waves of restorers. I am releasing waves of healers!” 
I saw that there is a corporate shout of praise arising from the lovers of God and a movement on their behalf that is so synced with heaven’s timing! I saw a picture of worshiping warriors: those who are seated in heavenly places with hands and hearts raised in praise of Jesus. These people who make up the next “wave” are carriers of God’s presence already, but as they begin to move individually by faith, worshiping Him in Spirit and truth, they will suddenly SEE that they are part of a VAST MOVEMENT, a much larger process of praise-filled and joyful RESTORATION in the earth. 
Because of their individual obedience, these “healers” and “restorers” will now see and hear the effects of their personal, private sacrifices to Him making a WORLDWIDE impact. They will link arms with those on either side of them and advance, not alone, but corporately, into the greatest “wave” of God’s power that has ever been seen on this earth. The goal is not simply to fill stadiums: the goal is to reach the corners of the earth! This wave will spill out of stadiums and reach people on the streets, the ones who have never had the means or opportunity to come to Jesus. 
I hear the Lord saying He wants to “cause a stir” among the people on the streets, to release a flood of glory and restoration that will cleanse and purify that which has been polluted and contaminated for so long. OBEDIENCE is a key to this wave, for those who are obedient to “sync” themselves to God’s timing will see their parts fulfilled and will be carried along by this wave. They will be swept into the joy of a massive ingathering of souls. 
I believe we are seeing the beginning of these waves now. The stadiums are not yet filled in the Spirit; there are those who are still on the fence about whether to come fully into God’s Presence and glory. NOW is the day of decision; it is imperative that we settle and determine in our hearts where we will stand during this time! Those who do not find their seats in this great ingathering will miss being part of the joy of the movement itself.
I heard the Lord say: “Tell them the restorers are coming. The healers are coming. The warriors and rescuers are arriving on scene even now, moving into their individual places by faith, and they will see the joy and reward of their obedience to Me as they consecrate themselves in this time.”
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