“God is working outside the box on your behalf” – A Word by Peggy Jones

Peggy Jones ministers as a revivalist with a proven prophetic edge. She has ministered as a conference speaker and traveling evangelist, traveling extensively on the Eastern seaboard and beyond. Peggy served as a senior pastor for over 20 years and hosted her own radio program entitled, “Living By Grace” from 2007 until 2010. Website: peggyjonesministries.com

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“God is working outside the box on your behalf” – A Word by Peggy Jones

Peggy Jones

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During worship, I heard in my Spirit, “God is working outside of the box on your behalf.” I then heard “God is not going to do the ordinary in answering your prayers but God is going to do the extraordinary.” I have felt impressed for several weeks to encourage those who have been waiting to see God move on their behalf and on the behalf of others. I believe God wants to encourage those who have been waiting for God to bring about the prophetic promises spoken over their lives. Sometimes we try to figure out what it is going to look like when God answers our prayers. We assume we know exactly how the answer is going to manifest. While we are looking in one direction God might be moving in another way to get the results we were praying for. In the season we are in, God is not going to be doing things in the usual way, so don’t be discouraged if the typical signs are not there that would indicate that God is moving forward. Be assured that God is active in this hour! There are pleasant surprises that are coming. It may seem as if it is taking way too long but there is much going on in the spiritual realm that God is accomplishing on your behalf. God is putting all the pieces together and will finish what he wants to get done.

Many times in history God has shown unlimited creativity in answering the prayers of His children. This is not the time to be presumptuous about how God is going to move. God does not think the way we do. Isaiah 55:8-9, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” When God does things His way, He gets all the glory. God is about to move in the political realm in a way that will be glorious yet unpredictable for the betterment of His people. God is also working on His plans for individuals for the advancement of His children, and that includes God’s plans for YOU!

When we look in scripture we see plenty of examples of how God works outside the box. In fact Jesus never healed exactly the same way twice. For example He used spittle three times. In Mark 7:33, Jesus put his fingers into a man’s ears then spit and touched the man’s tongue. In Mark 8:23, Jesus spit on the man’s eyes and put his hand on him, and in John 9:6, Jesus spit on the ground made mud and put it on a man’s eyes. Jesus used many other techniques to minister.

Please be assured that God has heard your prayers and is very aware of your circumstances. Keep expectation high, be open to surprises, interruptions, creative miracles and the soon manifestation to the answer to your prayers. God is not doing the ordinary but the extraordinary! Keep your eyes peeled, stay close to God with an attitude of anticipation and wonder. Your answer is right around the corner. It’s closer than you think. Your answer may not be revealed exactly like you have anticipated, because God is moving outside the box in this season and it is going to be good!

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