God’s Capable Hands – A Word by Laurie Riggs

God’s Capable Hands

A Word by Laurie Riggs


It’s so important to stay within God’s capable hands in this hour because what He is doing is that He is further shaping you in some areas that have deeply needed His touch for some time. 

The result of the movement He is doing within you will be more fully revealed in the next two to three seasons and you will clearly see how valuable this time has been.

He is using all of your clay, He’s not leaving anything out, and with great attention He is molding it together even as you have often desired that it could be one day… healing is coming forth, let there be no doubt.

You may not see it yourself right now, but just know that He is causing all things to work together for good. Your good. 

He loves you more deeply than you can even comprehend and He is in the process of removing the shame that has kept you from truly knowing and being able to receive the depth of His love for you.

It’s important to be assured that He does know how very much you love Him…. stay on the wheel in His capable hands beloved of the Lord… healing is coming forth.

Special Note from Spirit Fuel: This platform is good soil. We are working hard everyday, full time to add more readers so they too can be blessed. If you are being led, sow into this good soil today and watch God move on your behalf! Obedience is always blessed.

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