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I hear a voice saying, “Satan, Satan, be brought down low in this nation. Be cast down in this nation.” There will be no comparison to the victory that I have over Baal and his bulls in this coming season, says the Lord, for it will be a great victory, a victory without precedent, for as this victory comes, the chains on the economy will be broken, going back before Reagan, back before FDR, before Eisenhower, McKinley, and even before Lincoln, says the Lord. There’s chains upon chains which have been gathering and growing, and you’ve become so used to those chains, in many ways they’ve become the tools you’ve used as an economic power, and many don’t even know the difference between the chains of the globalists, and the tools I gave the republic in the beginning, says the Lord.

But as this victory comes, and swiftly it will come, says the Lord, it will feel like a mighty new world. The breath being breathed at the beginning by those who were in the new world, this is breath I give to you, this is the economic life I sow back to you, says the Lord. But this new world does not belong to Satan, says the Lord, this is my new world, and in it I will make my kingdom order, says the Lord. Be cast down, be brought low, oh you serpent, for the Americans to tread over you once again, says the Lord.

It’s a new time, and a new era, where the economic serpents will be treaded upon says the Lord. Their venom will be nullified, even sprang from the system, drawn from the economic body of this nation like an infected wound, and the heart of the economy will beat like never before. The Body of this economy will strengthen quickly, says the Lord. For you have been a wounded a warrior on my end-time battlefield, oh commonwealth of America, says the Lord. But you shall be strengthened, you shall receive a healing anointing, for the wounds that have infected you are being treated says the Lord. You shall be a giant once again, a Boaz for my end-time battles says the Lord. You shall be a Boaz, a mighty giant of wealth, helping Israel, raising up low places, harboring the indefensible, making treaties where none have been for generations, for you shall be mighty in the face of the impossible says the Lord.

Take your deep breaths, breathe in deep again, says the Lord, for I’m restoring your lungs, even your economic endurance, and you will RUN, RUN, RUN, says the Lord on a new pair of economic legs, says the Lord. I see the legs resting in the east, even starting on Japan, resting on the west, even starting on England, and they shall be for pillars, pillars of strength for my house says the Lord, to release glory into the earth, glory of the new order of heaven, says the Lord, and people shall know my blessing as I raise you up as a tree… A tree even for nations, for birds to perch under, to be sheltered, aided, and helped, and taught in these kingdom ways, says the Lord. A new day of discipleship, a new day learning. What does it mean for a nation whose God is our Lord? You shall know it in America again, for you shall see it. See it you shall, I have not forsaken you, you shall be raised up again as the warrior I’ve purposed you to be, to combat evil order, to set the captive free.

I see island nations awakening, as the light of the glory shines sea to sea, waves of God’s glory hitting Japan and Haiti, Cuba and Islands off the coasts of mighty nations, and historical locations of resistance to this move, shall have an awakening. The awakening spiritually will open the awakening economically, governmentally, and Jesus the King shall rise in these nations, as Satan is brought low in these nations, says the Lord.


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Love, love, love is the answer for those that reject the King. Love will break the strongholds, love will break through the lies, love will bestow the blessing on entire nations where religion has constantly failed to crown these nations with God’s glory. Love will be the answer as it’s always been, love will see us through to the end.

Look for the port cities, to be invaded with God’s glory, to have lights of justice and righteousness shine in the ships, in the seas, in the ports, in the buildings around the ports. Look for the trafficking to be opened, and for the reign of justice and righteousness to hit these cities. There are great powers alive in these cities, it’s time now to challenge these powers, to challenge their trafficking schemes, to open their depths up to the viewing public, to expose their trafficking schemes. Trump will announce on a Monday a new law, a new way, a new future for the port cities. For I am shining my light on these places, these places of trade and commerce, these places that ship America’s interests. I will prune these branches, and I will visit these places with unquenchable fire, for now is the time come for a great harvest of God’s glory, even for the nations, even for America, coming through the port cities. I see food, resources, medical supplies, being shipped by the church through these ports, untouched by the government, untouched by corruptible enterprises, being delivered to God-ordained destinations. I see a great kingdom invasion for ports and for the feeding of nations coming for this time!

Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell

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