God’s Splash Zone – A Word by Peggy Jones

Peggy Jones ministers as a revivalist with a proven prophetic edge. She has ministered as a conference speaker and traveling evangelist, traveling extensively on the Eastern seaboard and beyond. Peggy served as a senior pastor for over 20 years and hosted her own radio program entitled, “Living By Grace” from 2007 until 2010. Website: peggyjonesministries.com

God’s Splash Zone – A Word by Peggy Jones

Peggy Jones

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Recently I was thinking about a dolphin show my family attended on a trip to Hershey Park. I remember going into the small arena and seeing a sign over the first three or four rows of seats. The sign read, “Caution, Splash Zone.” What the sign meant was that if you decided to sit there you were guaranteed to get wet. During the show when the dolphins emerged from the water and flipped in the air above the spectators, and then dove back into the water there would be a tremendous splash. At that point, the people in the splash zone would make the leap from spectators to participators as they were drenched with water. The kids would scream with delight while some of the adults took the drenching in stride.

As I pondered about the dolphin show the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I have a splash zone and I am calling my people to sit in it right now, some will and some won’t but the invitation is out there for all.”

In this hour the Lord is looking for those who will be willing to get completely drenched and soaked in the waters of revival that is happening right now! God is looking for those who would be like little children and say, “Yes, I’m excited,” Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people tend to turn down such and invitation. Most declines have to do with convenience and comfort. It’s the same at the dolphin show. Excuses range from not wanting to get their hair wet or walk around wet all day, to fear of embarrassment. But oh what you miss when you decide not to sit in the splash zone.

In Scripture we find a group of people who found themselves, overtaken by a mighty splash of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:2. “When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly, the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.” The question that comes to mind is this: “How did those 120 people end up in the Splash Zone on the Day of Pentecost?” (Why them?) A couple of explanations come to mind:

First, they had made a decision in advance to be positioned and ready for whatever Jesus said was coming. They had sacrificed to be in the Upper Room, not for an hour or a day but for a long time. They prayed together and praised the Lord. They were jointly in pursuit of whatever God had for them. God is looking for those whose utmost desire is to be with Him. God is searching for those who will be leaders in the next Great Awakening. He is after ones who live completely to serve Him, and long to experience Him. God is looking for people who are in love with Him. If that’s you get ready to be splashed!

The people we find in Acts 2 were beyond worrying about their pride or what people might think about them. Their only agenda was to connect with God. They didn’t know what it would look like or how it would happen. They waited and prayed with great anticipation. Is God stirring up within you a desire to encounter Him in a new and profound way? Are you sensing a longing to experience revival and to be where the supernatural action of God is taking place? Then say “YES” to the invitation to sit in “God’s Splash Zone.” It will require surrender and sacrifice on your part, but it will be worth it! God is looking for those who will say “Yes, I will be one of the first to be touched with the fire of revival so that I can be used to help carry the fire around the world.” I’m making the decision today to plant myself right smack in the middle of God’s Splash Zone.” AMEN

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