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God’s Word::: “Restoration” 2014


!RestorationAs I prayed this morning I felt compelled to ask the Lord, “what is the word for this coming Year….”I did not even get the question out, barely got it into words, and the Lord came back with “Restoration”.

1. Restoration for Family’s: And as God restores what the enemy meant to kill, God is making family’s alive again, bringing a fresh and new restoration, clean and not tainted with the past. Pure and Holy restorations.   God will make this happen as we look to Him for resolution of the past.  Restoring the family as He designed it to be.

2. Restoration for Hearts: God is restoring the hearts of men and women and children. Turning the hearts of the children back to the parents. Wounds are being healed, spiritual wounds, wounds to the spirit and soul. Wounded-ness will not hold the children of God back any longer, for healing comes in fullness as many look to Jesus, and many will wonder “why” they waited so long to come to Him. New Beginnings! Broken hearts will heal instantaneously

3. Restoration for Marriages: Jesus is speaking life to marriages, marriages that are seemingly dead. God is bringing life to marriages that have been ravaged by the enemy and brought low even to the brink of disaster, God is healing them. As “fleshly falls” have caused wounds too deep to bear, God is releasing more “Grace” to forgive and forget the past, and start new, restoring hope, making peace, and causing redemption of what has been lost. Making all things new as we look to Him.  Restoring the sanctity of marriage as He originally  created it to be.

4. Restoration of Souls: Those that have strayed and wandered far from God, far from Gods word,. They hear the call and they are coming, by the beginning of the year 2014 many will have entered into the Kingdom of God and begun to find their way a fresh and anew. A New Generation arising, singing the songs of Zion.


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5. Restoration of Health: Jesus is healing and making whole, many who have waited and persevered through seasons of illness and sickness plaguing their bodies, Jesus has not forgotten you, healing manifests as you have trusted and you will go forth in the power of His might, in wholeness. Arise and shine and let your testimony be heard. Your testimony will be multiplied and many more healings will come forth.

6. Restoration of Joy: Restoring beauty for ashes, many have lived in the ashes of life for a number of years God is bringing you out. Fiery trials have been your portion, but that is turning around, you will be Free and walk in Liberty wherewith Christ has made you free.

7. Restoration of Hope: God is releasing a restoration of Hope to the Hopeless, “hope deferred makes the hearts sick”. God is bringing Hopefulness, back into lives of His own. Where the enemy meant for you to just “go away”, and “to be quiet” , to “stop praying”, to “stop talking about Jesus”….but Hope returns from the hand of God, HOPE that will make you do more than talk, but now you will SHOUT IT.::: God, OUR FATHER is lighting a fire in you, and you will be able to see the way; by the LIGHT, that is within you.

8. Restoration of Godliness: God has called us to Holiness, as God is Holy.  A “Moral Revolution” in all areas of life, is beginning, and will continue until day is done. This will be a revolution as the world has not seen, for those who are called by His  name and love Him, they will walk in Holiness and Purity by their own choice. This coming Generation is Moral, Righteous and a Holy Generation arising, they will ascend the Hill of the Lord.

Gail Manizak
December 18, 2013


The House You've Been Praying For!​​​​​​​

by Joel Yount

The Lord is opening the doors!

Looking through the window of the car, there were hundreds of homes passing by and the Lord had me focus my attention on the houses. The Lord said, "I Am Giving People Favor For New Houses And Property You Have Been Praying For. The Doors Are Open Now."

The Lord says, "I Am Opening The Connections With Real Estate Agents and Property Owners To Cause Favor In Your Situation."

A supernatural door opened for one of my friends and his entire family. They had been looking for a house for over a year but nothing seemed to open up. Then, God stepped in SUDDENLY and two weeks later his entire family moved into a brand new home! This confirmed to me what God is saying right now and I know many of you feel the presence of God strongly as you read this.

"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." 2 Corinthians 9:8  

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