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Grace for Full Time Ministry!


I believe there are many who are about to transition into full time ministry. Many have been working a job as well, and there is nothing wrong with that especially if you have a family. However, in this season there is a grace for full time evangelists, prophetic evangelists, healing evangelists, teachers, pastors and revivalists to be released into the harvest fields. There is a divine commissioning taking place in the Spirit!  


This is the most important question. If you know why you need to be in full time ministry, then you can figure out how. Why? Why did I move across the country and have been successful at being a full time church planter? Because Jesus told me to. 

Any other reason or motive is wrong. If you want to be a full time minister to be famous and get rich, then you are missing it and you must return to the place of prayer and fasting.

If you want to promote your own agenda, then you are in trouble. God has a particular way of working in the Kingdom. The way up is down. Humble yourself. Get rid of your pride and arrogance. Full time ministry means full time servanthood. 

When you ask God for his fire to come and refine your life, yes your life will be consumed and the weight of His power will begin to rest upon you. But don’t let your gift take you where your character can’t keep you.

Don’t think that being on stage with Benny Hinn is all of a sudden going to get you a TV show on God TV. Many have received invitations after being on TV and because their motives where impure, they quickly gave in to temptations and burned themselves up.


So let’s say your motives are pure. Let’s say you have counted the cost of being in full time ministry. What’s next?

1. Learn how to manage your time. 

Get a planner. If organization isn’t your strength, then brush up on your leadership skills and build a team of people who compliment your weaknesses. As your ministry grows, you will need help. You can’t be a one man show. 


2. Set Up a Non -Profit

This isn’t cheap. It will cost you around $4,000 dollars to hire an attorney to do this. But it is a necessity if you wish to collect donations that are tax deductible.


3. Set a Ministry Budget

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This is more than just your salary. Your ministry will cost you monthly expenses. You will need to pay for your administrative costs, your office supplies, your P.O. Box, ect. What are your ministries monthly expenses that you will need to believe God for? Most ministry budgets are $5,000 -$25,000 depending on the size of the ministry. You will need this too for tax purposes. Always operate with integrity and set a financial system into place. Don’t forget to give to missions.


4. Market Yourself Well

So this is important. Yes, put on a nice suit or a nice an outfit. Find a good photographer. You will need to look professional. A logo and a website are amazing. You will need one ASAP!!! Branding your ministry is important because without proper branding people will not take you seriously.  Yes most places will charge you anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 dollars. Sounds expensive? Yep. If you are thinking you can get things for free then you really should deal with that poverty mentality you have been carrying with you. This is going to cost you something. Why should others not benefit for their services?

Don’t try to do your own website. Get a professional. If you cut corners it will affect how you are presenting yourself. You need to have a spirit of excellence. Excellent people attract excellence.


5. Build a Partnership Base

This is where people get scared. No one likes to talk about money. But money will make your ministry grow. Money is a tool. Don’t worship money. So how do you get people to partner with you and support your ministry financially?

Share the vision not your needs. Don’t tell them you have bills to pay. People will not give toward that. It is all about vision casting. Tell those you are trying to get to partner with you to imagine all the good that your ministry would do and how lives will be transformed by the glory of God and give them the option to make a one time gift or a monthly one. 

You will want to make a page on your website where people can donate. Before you ask someone to partner with you add value to their lives. Give them something tangible that will touch them and keep them coming back for more!


6. Ask the Lord for Open Doors

Do you have everything in place? The doors will open. Churches will ask you to come. Get to know the pastors in your community. Go to meetings where pastors pray. Don’t ask for a speaking engagement. Let them get to know you. I don’t even recommend having business cards. If they want you to contact them then you ask for their contact information and call them. 

When they ask you for your ministry requirements always say nothing. Trust in the Lord. This will catch many off guard. Do let them know what you are believing for monthly. Be satisfied with a love offering. Don’t put an honorarium because that will hinder you.

Some of you may start with home meetings. Then churches. It’s all about relationships. It’s all about social graces. Listen with heart to other pastors. Get to know them. Invest into their lives. Why should they let you come to their church?

I hope this pushes some of you into full time ministry. Above all, remember the lost, the least of these and always give all the glory to Jesus! 

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