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Great Big Fish – A Word by Laurie Leiding


Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell
you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this
mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be
impossible for you.

I had a dream in May 2018, that I was standing on a dock and waiting for
the others to come and join me. I seemed to have been the first to arrive
here. There were fish starting to surface all around me. I grabbed for the
fishing rod that was lying on the dock, it seemed to have been left for
someone to pick up. I grabbed it and I started fishing. I caught one! It
was the typical type of fish that lives in these waters but I have seen
others in here but not so easy to catch. They are rare. My fish then
started to wiggle and fell down in between the boards of the dock. I
started to tug and pull at it to loosen it but it was stuck. Thinking to
myself that I would have to cut it off and then I would have no hook on the
end to fish again.

Then an angel came and reach down in between the boards of the dock where
the fish still on its hook, had fallen. She pulled it out just like that.
It was simple as that. Just needed a little more faith to believe that all
things are possible. What looks hopeless, impossible or even lost for good,
Jesus is here to remind us that all things are possible to those who will
still believe in Him.

Mark 9:23

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

I then saw the biggest fish I have ever seen and it was swimming right
under the dock, I was standing on. Thinking to myself that this fish has
been living in these waters for a very long time and it is growing larger
and larger. Not many have seen this great fish but I did and now I know
that it exists here in these waters! I ran to the other side of the dock. I
didn’t want to miss this! I must touch the back of it with my fishing rod.
I reach as far as I could and then touched it! I was hoping to get its
attention as it continued to swim further away into the waters.

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As I was reaching my fishing rod out as far as I could to touch the back of
this great big fish, I was reminded of the woman who bled for twelve years
in Matthew 9:20. She too reached as far as she could to touch the hem of
Jesus garment. She had a purpose, for her healing. She had enough faith to
believe that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would
be set free from this for good. Her life would become a life free from this
sickness or disease and would be able to live a life in much peace and joy.
She reached as far as she could between the crowds, just barely touching
Jesus garment and instantly she was healed!

The great fish that I was reaching for in my dream, I believe is the Great
Big Healing Revival that is coming for the nations. Jesus is calling His
Church to pick up their fishing rods and cast their rods into the waters
and be ready to receive their Big One! Healing for you and healing for the
nations! Get ready for the greatest catch in history Church!

Laurie Leiding

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A Word by Dana Jarvis

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In this season, He has seen the enemy pull out every weapon in his arsenal against you. The Father says, “Enough is enough!” Your cries have stirred his heart and your Redeemer is coming. Miracles are coming! Miracles of restoration, suddenlies, accelerated healing, and changes in your circumstances.

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