Elaine Tavolacci has been a student of the Word since 1984. She has a prophetic gifting and teaches the Body of Christ how to walk in the fullness of all that the Lord has created them to be. Her ministry, “A Word in Season,” is a prophetic word that she writes weekly and has been an encouragement to others since 2004. The words that she shares minister life to the discouraged, set people free from fear, sin and trauma. Her ministry brings direction, correction, wisdom and revelation as well as salvation to the lost. Website: awordinseason.info

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Guard Your Anointing – A Word by Elaine Tavolacci

Elaine Tavolacci

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Every born again Spirit filled believer has a calling on their life, but it’s up to each one of us to fulfill that calling. Whether we have a ministry of an apostle or if we are called to be a servant, no one is greater than another. We all have an anointing from the Holy Spirit who abides inside of us. The Lord showed me something powerful today. I was reading the book of 1 John chapter 2. In verse 20 he writes: You have an anointing from the Holy One and you know all things. That word anointing in the Greek is “Chrisma” It means anything smeared on, or unguent (ointment) This anointing was the inaugural ceremony for priests in the Old Testament. This is also the same anointing in which Samuel anointed Saul and then anointed David, both as prophets and Kings. This oil was to sanctify, consecrate, dedicate, set apart as holy and to equip for the service of the Lord.

Jesus has entrusted us with this precious anointing and we need to guard it. Joseph guarded his anointing when Potiphar’s wife tried to sleep with him but Joseph ran out of the room. She accused him of seducing her but Joseph was later found innocent. Daniel guarded his anointing by purposing in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank. He refused to conform to the pattern of Babylon. Eventually Nebuchadnezzar promoted him and made him ruler over the providence of Babylon. In the same way we should not conform to the perverted ways of the world if we desire this precious anointing.

Nebuchadnezzar threatened Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that they would be thrown into the fiery furnace if they refused to bow down to his golden image. When they refused, Nebuchadnezzar commanded his mightiest men of valor to tie them up, heat up the furnace seven times and throw them in. The flames were so hot that the soldiers who threw them in were killed. When Nebuchadnezzar looked he saw four men walking around in the furnace. He asked his counselors: Didn’t we throw in three? “I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” The word for son of God is bar’ĕlâh (Aramaic). Jesus was with them in the furnace. The fire had no power over them; the hair of their head was not singed nor were their garments affected, and the smell of fire was not on them. Some of you may be going through a fiery furnace and the Lord will rescue you if you guard that anointing by not bending or bowing to the religious traditions of man. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego later became administrators over Babylon.

As we develop our walk with the Lord, Jesus will require a deeper intimacy and He will require us to walk in another level of holiness. As you grow, you will encounter a higher level of warfare, but He will give you the wisdom to the strategies of the enemy. He will train your hands for war and your fingers for battle. He will show you the game plan to overcome every plot that the evil one set against you. The Lord wants radical believers who gives no place to the devil. A new wine skin is required to carry the new wine. Jesus said; you can’t put an old patch on a new garment or it will tear and destroy the wine skin. New wine must be poured into new wine skins.

The crushing of the grapes is a stage that you go through to produce the new wine. The wine skin also preserves the wine. We are coming into the season of the new wine outpouring and the Lord is looking for those who will guard this anointing. There are people as well as some churches who are running out of wine and Jesus is going to come as He did in the wedding at Cana and turn the water into wine. The Pharisees paradigm and way of living will not accept this new wine but those who are mature will be able to receive in abundance. Your gift will make room for you but to whom much is given, much is required. Jesus has awesome plans for us in the days ahead and He is asking us: “Will you guard the anointing that I entrusted to you?

Proverbs 4:23 (TPT)

“So above all, guard the affections of your heart for they affect all that you are. Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life.”

1 Timothy 6:20 (TPT)

“So, my son Timothy, don’t forget all that has been deposited within you. Escape from the empty echoes of men and the perversion of twisted reasoning.”

2 Timothy 1:14 (TPT)

“Guard well this incomparable treasure by the Spirit of Holiness living within you.”

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