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HAVE WE LEARNED TO LOVE YET? – A Word by Sandi Holman

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A Word by Sandi Holman

Have you noticed that the more spiritually mature we become, the more we must let the inner child shine forth..i.e. the more childlike we must be. Remember how true it is? Children learn what they live and we develop mindsets that reflect our environment, our peers, our family.

Have you heard the expression once an adult, twice a child? I have often thought we grow into adulthood but must never outgrow the heart of a child. There is amazing beauty in becoming an adult and maintaining the purity of a child. The innocence of a child is a treasure to be guarded carefully.

A little child doesn’t start out with walls or barriers around their heart. They learn to construct them and develop a barrier of protection that becomes a restriction and many times goes on to be a concrete heart that has been layered with hardness over time. In this hour we are living in, the Lord is melting cold hearts and challenging the lukewarm.

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Beloved, our loving Father has wisely said “guard or keep you heart with all diligence for out of it flows ALL the issues of life….pretty serious ..all the issues. SELAH.

Life can get messy with all the many perspectives, opinions, and conditional love. We have muddy views and mudslingers. We have the unconditional puppy love that a child learns from his or her first pet. Beloved, oftentimes, it continues to their first adolescent love that many label puppy love..the irony of which may be the only pure love they experience as they grow into adulthood. Open spontaneous surrender of heart and soul without measure is very rare in our now culture.

So it is that our encounter with the Lord brings it all into focus, shapes our worldview and changes the wrong motives in our hearts. As I once heard Pastor Steven Furtick say so succinctly, “every prejudice is handed down from somewhere”. Let’s stop and take a hard look at what we are handing down. What does our story tell? Does the picture we are painting reflect the deep impact our faith has had and is it a picture of what the potter himself has been molding and shaping us into?

Are we truly vessels of honor for HIS glory?

Yes the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases..it is burning out all the prejudice, judgments, self-centeredness and pride that has been a part of that worldly learning process. His love purifies and removes all the mixture that has been stirring around in your soul…the love of God is truly consuming all the hay, wood and stubble. HAVE WE LEARNED TO LOVE YET?

You are being ignited with the all consuming fire of HIS love for this hour that we might reveal the heart of the Father and restore all. His love is burning out all of the dross and the purity of His goodness and LOVE shall truly rise to the top.

Beloved, if we walk in the light, as HE is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, his Son cleanseth us from all sin. UNITY ..the bond of LOVE!

Love has many languages. What is your love language?

Sandi Holman
Email: [email protected]

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