He is Bringing Us Grace and the Provision We Need! – A Word by Heather Poundstone

Heather Poundstone is a public-school teacher librarian in Los Angeles. She is called to education reform and prophetic ministry. The Lord has been speaking prophetically to her since she was a child.  She was radically saved at age 17, after suffering a difficult childhood.  She graduated from Christ for the Nations and it was there and at her church, that her prophetic gift grew.  She has been grateful to have been mentored by Nate and Christy Johnston and a leader in their Grow School.

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He is Bringing Us Grace and the Provision We Need! – A Word by Heather Poundstone

Heather Poundstone

Email: [email protected]gmail.com

The Lord has been showing me that His grace is sufficient for all that we are going through. The other day as I was wrestling with it all and praying on my way home from work, I looked in front of me and there was a truck with Royal written on the back and a license plate with the numbers 555. I was amazed! He is our Royal Father, 5 stands for grace, and in this case triple grace! I was so encouraged! Then as if that wasn’t enough, the next morning as I was praying and worshipping on my way to work, discouraged by some of the things going on, I noticed a clock on the outside of a school near my home that I have never noticed before. The time was a few minutes ahead and the Lord immediately told me that He is bringing the acceleration into our lives.

A few minutes later as I got on the freeway, I noticed that the truck in front of me was almost identical to the truck from the previous day with the word Royal on it. I was struck by the goodness of the Lord to show me that He goes before us in this battle and that He is with us! Immediately I began sobbing at the hard things going on, especially in my beautiful California, but I also marveled at the goodness of the Lord and the Harvest that He is bringing! I sobbed and prayed all the way to work and could barely stop crying in time to go inside. My spirit was so heavy for CA, America, and the world. I was feeling the Lord’s heart so deeply.

How many of you have looked at something for years and then suddenly God gives you a prophetic picture like the clock I saw? This happened when I had my Toyota 4Runner for 17 years. A few months before it died and I had to buy a new car, the Lord told me I’m a forerunner! Yesterday, I looked at the coffee thermos that I’ve had for years and noticed it has the word manna written on it. I felt the Lord saying that He’s bringing the manna into our lives and all the provision we need for this time. If you’ve read the story of the Israelites, their needs were met daily.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how God will provide in this season of uncertainty. This small reminder of His provision was so encouraging! We need to put our focus on Him and know that He will provide for our every need! Today is Yom Kippur and on this Day of Atonement, let us get His perspective on it all. I urge you to get alone with the Lord and seek Him. It is there that we find His peace, even in the midst of the turmoil swirling around us.

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