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There has been such dramatic change that huge atmospheric shifts have taken place where the landscape has changed and things are now going to suddenly start happening more quickly that it will be one thing after another. There will be breakthrough ‘popping’ up here, there and everywhere! There has been some debris and obstacles that is now being cleared and completely moved out of the way, that it is now allowing many to move in such acceleration into their next destination of appointed time breakthrough.

The Lord has been working through this time of testing and training to prepare you. He finalizing some things and adding some last finishing touches before He releases you into these promises.

There has also been some demonic systems and cycles that have been broken and dismantled completely. Things that have kept many ‘tangled’ and kept many ‘stuck’ is now being broken and loosened. Those holds no longer have a hold or power to hold up things up anymore. Things have come to a divine finality, a complete end. Many are being loosened from a lying, cobra and python spirit. These holds and words that came from others that specifically targeted certain areas of breakthrough over the people of God that many have been waiting on are being broken by the power of God. As this takes place over many simultaneously what was ‘held up’ for so long is now going to start taking shape in the natural realm. That which has been held up for so long cannot be held up anymore! It is the decree of the Lord!

Matthew 18:18 ‘Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.’

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The Lord is also sending help, refreshing, rejuvenation and strengthening because it is time to enter further into the land that He has prepared for you. He is now positioning you to step into this next level of breakthrough that He is releasing you into.

I heard the Lord saying, “There will be no delay on this breakthrough that I am delivering to you.” The Lord’s word and decree has already gone forth and what has taken some time to reach this pivotal point of change many are now at the edge of seeing greater manifestation suddenly flourish and manifest in your life. Discouragement and hope deferred are falling away at the wayside as hope is being restored and faith is increasing because you are about to step into increase and upgrade!

Things are much closer than they appear! Pay no attention to the distractions that have risen, the enemy is huffing and puffing because of what the Lord is about to release to you. So hold on, the Lord is setting you up for massive manifested breakthrough! For He is the God of Ephesians 3:20!

Lorilei Cooley

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