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Kevin Riordan and his wife Amy founded Set Free Ministries. Kevin is an itinerant Evangelist who travels nationally and internationally, preaching the gospel and equipping the church for supernatural ministry. Kevin functions powerfully in healing and deliverance. Kevin’s passion is to see every believer lit on fire with the love of Christ, and working to fulfill the great commission with miracles, signs, and wonders following.  Website:  
Healing for the rejected heart
A Word by Kevin Riordan
Kevin Riordan 
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I was teased mercilessly growing up because of problems with my hands. To add insult to injury, my father was never affirmed by his father, and in turn was not equipped to give my little heart the affirmation it craved. Before the age of eight a root of rejection had began to grow.
Rejection drives an orphan spirit. Rejection is a core lie that says “you’re unwanted, flawed, defective, not good enough,” rejection will do one of two things. It will either cause us to yoke ourselves with dysfunctional/ abusive people and propel us into dysfunctional lifestyles. Or it will set us in pursuit of proving that we really are something. This pursuit of proving ourselves often drives a person so hard that they must succeed at any cost, even at the expense of their families.
What we do becomes our identity, and our affirmation comes from the praises of man. We fly high when their petting our head, and when they’re not were faced with who we perceive ourselves to be.
We work and we work to keep the accolades flowing so as not to sink. It becomes exhausting, leaving us burnt out and more sensitive to the sense of emptiness.
When this drives us, it is impossible to be excited for another’s success. We smile, say “praise the Lord!” With a sick feeling in our gut as the familiar thoughts that say “you don’t measure up”, or “he or she is better then you” pounds at your brain and heart.
This sense of competition drives a wedge between people. Where there is competition in ministry, are we serving God or ourselves? Are we about building Gods kingdom or are we about building a name for ourselves? This is a difficult question to ask.
The cure for rejection is the revelation of the Father’s acceptance. We are not just acceptable to the Father, but we have been adopted. We have been hand selected to be the Fathers very own. We have been brought into the family of Father God. There is always a place for us. There is a place for us that no one can take.
The Father wants to reveal the truth of what He thinks of us. It is this truth that will free us from the lie that causes us to strive. This truth will set us free from jealousy causing us to rejoice when the Kingdom of God is advancing despite who it is advancing through.
This thing is bigger than us. We cannot fix ourselves. We never could. When it rears its head, we must quickly put it down with repentance. We must meditate on scripture affirming who we are in Christ, and simply being open and transparent before the Lord, allowing Him into every room of our heart to heal those broken places.
Lord have your way in my heart!
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