Spiritual Growth

Hear And Obey! You Are Entering A Season Of Multiplication! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


Our God is the God of increase. He is the God of multiplication! It is a time for spiritual multiplication where God is going to grow things phenomenally in your life.

Just like the widow woman in 2 Kings is like so many of us today. Her life was in a holding pattern! She was stuck with debt. It was attached to her and where she went, it went with her. You may be feeling stuck right now in a situation with your health, your children or marriage. God wants you to know you are not stuck. In Him, you LIVE, you MOVE, and you have your BEING!

God gave her the instruction through Elisha to go and borrow vessels. Her faith in action was manifested by collecting these jars. Though she only had a little oil on hand, the jars were filled to the top. The power of God is released when our faith is acted upon.

Our faith is the container to transport Heaven into Earth!

You are entering into more than just addition, but a season of multiplication. A season where the blessings and provision of God will rise like the oil at an exponential rate that is never ending. So hear and obey, Put him to the test and watch it all turn around.

The season of breakthrough is upon you! Take that active step in helping others unlock their destiny in Christ. One love offering of $25, $50, or even $100 to Spirit Fuel is not only an offering sown to good ground, but it helps them reach countless others for the Kingdom. It is good, fertile ground on which to sow and for each love offering given, a decree of double we speak into every area of your life in Jesus mighty name.