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Hiding In Plain Sight-A Word by William Cuccia

Playing hide the penny as a young lad was shear delight.  The penny couldn’t be hidden in, under or behind anything; it had to be hidden in plain sight.  As others would go in search of the hidden penny they would ask, “Where am I now?”

The response by the one who had hid the penny would be, “Cold, warm, hot, very hot, oh scorching hot” depending how close or far away the seekers were from the hidden penny. 

I see Jesus taking his place, hiding in plain sight for me to seek and find him.  He’s withdrawing to draw me in, to fuel my passion, not too discourage or disappoint, frustrate or disappoint.

He’s withdrawing to create thirst and hunger for intimacy.  He longs for me to desire him; to seek him. His purpose is greater intimacy, to experience his love, to trust him when unseen, hear him whisper; devoting my life to seeking him in the quiet place where he hides himself for me to find. 

I see myself knocking on the door of our Father’s house; no answer.  I keep knocking.  Still no answer.  I turn and walk into the garden in search of Jesus, the one I came to see; to sit with and commune.

“Jesus! where are you?”

Walking around the back of our Father’s house, calling his name as I go.  “Jesus!  Jesus!”

His absence makes my heart grow fonder, longing for his presence, his voice. 

I hear Jesus, “You’re getting warm”.

Running down the path to the stream that flows behind our Fathers house, through the tree lined path, calling out his name, “Jesus!”  Longing for his touch, his breath on my neck.  I run with fury, calling his name.

Jesus calls, “You’re so hot”. 

Skidding down the slope to the stream, catching my breath I look around, searching him out.

“Where are you?” 

Longing to see Jesus, sit with him, listen to him speak words of life, “Where are you?”. 

“Oh you’re scorching hot”.

Spinning around, running along the bank in pursuit of his voice I call back, “Jesus, Jesus!”

In hot pursuit now, there’s no quitting, no giving,  no turning back, I want to see Jesus. Meet him in the hiding place. 

Sitting by the stream skimming rocks waiting for me, He leaps to his feet, “You found me! You found me!”  He throws his arms around me, lavishes me with kisses and calls me friend.

“I missed you so, I hoped you would find me quickly; want to skim stones? He places a stone in my hand. 

Skimming stones, like friends do, we pass the afternoon away.  Though I was seeking I feel found.  Though I listened for his voice to guide me to him, he hears my every word.  The sun sets we make our way back to our Father’s house.

Jesus smiles takes my hand, “I look so forward to spending time with you tomorrow”.  My heart is flutters with love.  I found my friend; and what a friend he is. 

P.S.  To Those Who have Been Seeking: I am your hiding place, though you don’t see me, I’m with you; so near.  Seek me while I may be found, call on my name while I am near. I’m always near,  always with you; always. Even when I’m hidden in plain sight, I’m opening eyes to see my goodness in the land of the living,  opening ears to hear of my great love. I will be your strong tower, run into me and find safety, I’m your secure hiding place; your great reward. My love for you never fades, never wains, it will not fail. Come, come all who are thirsty and drink of me, only I can satisfy.

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Take time to read: Isaiah 55.6, Psalm 32.7, Luke 5.16, Mark 3.7, Genesis 35.13, Matthew 4.12, Proverbs 18.10 and John 20.1-4 with new eyes 

Article Two: 
The Lion, The Lamb and The Sabbath

Excerpt from Suddenly: A Christmas Trilogy by William Michael Cuccia 

As he was lying down listening to the birds singing and the trees blowing in the gentle breeze, a lamb came and laid down by his side. “Good afternoon,” he said. “My name is the Lamb of God. Have you seen my friend, Lion of Judah?”

Shiny marveled at the lamb. “Why, no, I haven’t”.

The lamb of God asked, “Shiny, may I lie down and rest with you?”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know you. You’re the angel who went with Jesus to eternity past to help Joseph understand what God was doing.”

“That’s right.”

The Lamb of God continued, “God is incredible, and He’s always looking to work through us. What are you doing here at the still waters?”

“I’m waiting for God to give me my next assignment. Until then, I’m resting and waiting. I’m enjoying the Sabbath”. 

“Isn’t the Sabbath beautiful? Its so full of God’s peace. Its important that we rest and wait so God can do all He has planned for us. It really was worth the sacrifice”.

Shiny agreed with the precious Lamb of God. Shiny was honored that the Lamb of God would want to share the Sabbath with him. As Shiny lay with the Lamb by the still waters, they heard a tremendous roar come from the direction of the forest that lined the green pastures. 

The Lamb of God rose excitedly and called out, “Judah, over here!” 

Shiny and the Lamb directed their attention to the forest. Shiny was shocked by the appearance of the most majestic creature in the kingdom of God. 

The Lion of Judah made his regal entrance as he stepped out between the trees onto the green pasture. 

Shiny was frozen as heaven shook with each powerful step from the approaching lion. 

His mane blew freely in the gentle breeze coming from the still waters. With each step Judah took, Shiny could feel his heart filling with excitement. Hope flooded Shiny’s heart as the Lion of Judah stopped short of the bald angel and the Lamb of God. 

“Where did you go” I’ve been looking for you,” said the lamb. 

Judah roared, “I was resting in the forest. Its the Sabbath. I was listening to the Father”.

The Lamb of God invited the Lion of Judah to lie down.

Shiny was silent as he listened to the lion and the lamb. Judah flopped down and took his place next to the lamb. Shiny couldn’t believe he was lying down with the lion and the lamb. It was still and quiet once again. The fullness of the Sabbath was soaked in. Shiny knew he was exactly where God wanted him to be. He was learning the importance of being still and knowing who God is, and was, and is to come.


A word by Dana Jarvis

I decree you are making the spiritual journey from the bondage of Egypt into your promised land of destiny. I know you have grown weary. Do not let the murmurings and complaining attitudes rule you. It causes the faith to waiver! Your focus is upon the cup of bitter waters that you are currently drinking from.

Rest assured that your God is making these bitter waters sweet!

You shall taste and see that the Lord is good! You are going to see such extravagance in your daily life. He is delivering much into your hands so reach up and take hold. Just as he was with you before, he is with you now. You are going to drink deep of the Living Waters. The bitter waters of life have tried to steal all joy.

However I hear the Lord say, “It is done, I am the Lord who heals you. I am the Lord who will restore you. I am the Lord who will provide your every need. I am the One that is making the bitter waters sweet!”

I feel so strongly that God is removing your cup of bitter waters you have had to drink for so long. He is causing a turnaround for you in a situation that you desperately need him to move. I am speaking to several and know this word is for you. Even as the Lord led Moses and the children of Israel from their bondage at the Red Sea, it still took one step of faith. One step of faith is all it takes to cause a release from all of this. Take a moment and sow into good ground by giving into Spirit Fuel. For just a contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more given into Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground on which to sow. It is a powerful ministry reaching the world for Christ. As you sow that offering, it is that act of faith that will cause the Red Sea where you are standing to part in your life. The bitter cup will be removed and the sweetness of the Lord shall begin to flow!


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