His Truth is Marching On! – A Word by Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler is a Mother of two Kingdom warriors of the gospel, J’zpar, aged 7 and J’myson, aged 11, who live together in Central Virginia. As a laid down lover of Christ she has followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and journaled her adventures with her boys as they have grown together in Christ. She has been an active evangelist, revivalist, teacher, speaker and intercessor. PioneerRemnant Ministries is a 508c1a and was birthed in Jennifer’s heart, as the vision was written down and made plain she surrendered it all to God. As an open hand ministry, God has led the ministry in every capacity and the expansion of this Kingdom work has come through dedication, perseverance, prayer and intercession.

His Truth is Marching On! – A Word by Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler

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Awakened early this morning to hear this “Expect the Unexpected!”

In this season, the dross has been burned off! The refiners fire came to remove anything that was not of God. What remains will be what God has revealed to be useful. The expansion of God’s Kingdom will be furthered by those who have stayed steadfast in prayer, petitioning the courtrooms of Heaven in the background. These are those that have stepped back from mainstream broadcasting and stepped into the good news.

They have been tried and tested and come forth pure as gold. Their mouths are as trumpets. Their heads highlighted by bright white light. These are those who have a burning desire to stay on the altar. They have laid down their lives to carry the cross. Through the times of drought, they have raised their praise and shouted out HalleluYah, the highest form of praise. These are those that have been crowned and still removed their crown to lay it down at His feet. These are those that have been mantled and received their mandate from the Heavens. God has placed a wall of fire around them. Although the weapons formed, they will not prosper. The shift happened and the transition has come. They are victoriously wielding their sword! They will proclaim that “His Truth is marching on!” As far as the East is from the West. Armored up! The windfall has come and the reservoirs have been opened. The oil of gladness is pouring out. Now, now is the time. NOW! Worshipping in Spirit and Truth! Restoration! Elevation! It is time for celebration! Onward Christian soldiers! His Truth is marching on!

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