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Prophetic Insight

Honoring the Hidden Ones – A Word By Karen C. Jones

Tucked away in the Book of Esther is an account where Esther’s husband, King Xerxes, could not sleep. So he orders his attendants to bring him the book of records and chronicles hoping it would make him sleepy. But as he kept reading, he finds an account where Mordecai the Jew (Esther’s uncle), saves the king’s life by discovering an assassination plot! It dawns on the king in the middle of the night that maybe he didn’t quite thank Mordecai properly for doing such a noble deed. When he inquires about what was done for Mordecai, the answer astounds him..”There is nothing done for him.” (Esther 6:3)

And here is what is the crux of the matter. There are many who serve silently via prayer, worship, acts of kindness, a properly placed word, a glass of water given that nobody sees and nobody knows about that actually avert disasters. I sense there are many whom God has appointed to work in the unseen places in order to bring and preserve life even to those who don’t serve God just as Mordecai had done for the king. God has placed His own in places that are hidden on purpose. What they do may never be known by man, but will surely affect everyone around them should they not do that one thing. Be encouraged knowing God sees what has been done in secret, and obligates Himself to reward openly. (Matthew 6:4)

The King will do something for those whom “nothing was done.” You may be in a season where it may seem like “nothing was done” for you, but I tell you God will honor His hidden ones. The account goes on to show that King Xerxes, unbeknownst to him, made Mordecai’s enemy, Haman, give Mordecai the royal treatment with a royal parade and all!! Isn’t our God amazing? Did not He promise to prepare a table in the presence of our enemies?

So if you are one of those hidden ones and you move mountains on your knees and nobody claps or maybe you share an idea that saves the company and no one taps you on the back, know you are not only known to God but you will be honored by God. In a world where it seems everybody wants to make a name for himself/herself and wants to be seen on certain platforms in and out of the Church of the living God, it is the ones that are humbly doing the work of the kingdom where no spotlight is needed except to put a smile on the Face of their Father. This kind of service never goes unnoticed by Heaven’s record keepers! And rest assured, the book of remembrance is ordered by God to be brought before Him for He never sleeps nor slumber.

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Sometimes serving in silence whether it is to a parent with Alzheimer’s, a child with a handicap, ushering in a church, hugging a friend in pain, sowing a seed, I feel to tell you that even if you don’t even want the attention, that God has committed Himself to honor you. How He does it, is up to him. But don’t be surprised when your blessing comes from someone you never thought of or expected! There are people in high positions of authority such as King Xerxes that God will make sleepless in order to honor those who were just doing their jobs, just being themselves. God so loves to honor the hidden ones. Don’t get offended if someone forgets you or think your gift is not being appreciated or recognized. It may be God’s way of wanting a certain someone to remember you at just the right time and in the right way! Be committed to be clothed with humility in hidden places for God delights to honor the hidden ones.

“Fear of the Lord teaches wisdom; humility precedes honor.—Proverbs 15:33 -NLT”

Karen C. Jones

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