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How to Hear God Clearly- A Word by Jeffrey Hardwick


What if you could learn how to hear God clearly? How would your life be transformed?

Many people I talk with about hearing God have struggled with really one thing. Maybe you are one of them. I’ve discovered the biggest challenge many face when they are listening for God’s voice is this…

Doubting their ability to hear God.

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew and BELIEVED you DO hear His still small voice . I want to share with what you can today that will help you believe what Jesus tells us in John 10:27 , “My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me.”

Read that verse out loud.

Jesus did not say you WILL hear His voice. He did not say you CAN hear His voice. Jesus said YOU HEAR HIS VOICE. The question is, do you believe what Jesus said to you is true?

Of course what He said is true, but now it comes down to truly believing that Truth for yourself.

One of the biggest hindrances in you believing this Truth are the lies the devil has wanted you to believe about whether you hear God or not. Why do you think he lies to about what Jesus said? First of all he is a liar and he does NOT want you to believe the Truth.

What Does The Bible Say About Hearing God?

My favorite verse in the Bible is John 8:32 when Jesus tells us, “And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” How would you like to be free from the lies from the enemy? If you do, let me show you how simple it is to be liberated from those deceiving lies.

Last summer the Lord really helped me discern when a lying thought entered my mind. After awhile it was so obvious to me that I didn’t want to give those lies any attention. So the Lord led me to REJECT the lies once I knew those thoughts were not my own nor from God.

One of the tricks from the devil is to make you believe his thoughts are your thoughts.

You need to discern when those evil thoughts come into your thought life, to know they are NOT your thoughts and reject them. Once you reject the lies, the next key is very important.

You MUST replace the lies with the TRUTH. What I mean by the Truth is the Word of God or Bible Scriptures. For every lie, there is a Truth to defeat it. Lies are designed to cover up the Truth. Remember Jesus wants us to KNOW the Truth so we can be free from the lies.

Now once you start replacing the lies with the Truth, you MUST believe the Truth. Since Jesus always spoke the Truth, then you can believe Him when He said that you do hear His voice. It really comes down to choosing to believe the Truth or not. Its your choice.

How To Discern God’s Voice

Another problem I hear from others about how to discern God’s voice as clearly as they can, is the questions they ask themselves. Again the enemy uses deception and one way he can deceive you is with questions. He wants you to believe the questions are yours and they are actually from him. For example…

Why can’t I hear God?

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What’s wrong with me?

What am I doing wrong?

Have you ever asked those questions? Hopefully you can see these lies are disguised in questions from the Deceiver. He wants you to convince yourself you are not hearing God at all by asking these questions.

The good news is you can start asking questions today that will help you hear God MUCH more clearly.

What if you started asking questions that would fully persuade you that you truly are hearing the Lord’s voice? When you start asking these RIGHT QUESTIONS , then you can start BELIEVING the Truth. Why not ask…

Why am I hearing God?

How come its so easy for me to hear His voice?

Why do I hear His voice so clearly?

Now you have shifted your focus to why you truly are hearing Him, instead of doubting questions that can keep you from knowing that still, small voice. The answers to these questions will set you free from ever doubting or wavering your ability to hear the Shepherd’s comforting voice.

You can even use Scripture verses to answer these questions too.

My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Ask and it shall be given you.

You need to use the Truth to make you free from unbelief. It’s my desire to see you believe once and for all that you truly do hear God. I’m sure you can look back over your life and see when God was speaking to you. Now today you can step into believing you ALWAYS hear God’s voice.

What is one step you will take today that will help you BELIEVE you are hearing God’s voice?

Jeffrey Hardwick

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