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How to Walk Supernaturally Easily – A Word by Darren Canning


There are three areas that I want to share about today where having the supernatural grace of God upon your life will open up new realms of life and living for you.  I want you to operate in knowledge and authority in the area of the gifts of the spirit, the fruit of the spirit and in his blessings for your life.

My prayer for you today is that the truth of Hebrews 12:22 will come to life for you.  It says,“But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly.”

In your new life in Christ you have come to a realm that is much different than the realm that you lived in before salvation.  In Christ you have come to the place where the supernatural is entangled ever so eloquently with the natural realm.  Where one realm begins and the other ends is so subtle that you couldn’t be blamed for forgetting that the things that you have in Christ were born of spirit and not of the earth.  Although you may not be aware you inherited everything that God wanted you to inherit the moment you came to Christ.  Your new life began and the fullness of your entire future came to life in that moment.  Awareness of the fulness is not a necessity to inheriting it.

Hebrews 7:25 says, Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him.”  This salvation is life everlasting which begins in the moment that you accept Christ.  Salvation is for now and for eternity.  Christ wants to save you so that your life here is filled with his glory.  We don’t have to wait for it.  It will come in the moment that you accept him.

The Holy Spirit is our empowerer (John 14:26).  He comes to us through Baptism or immersion (Acts 1;4-5).  We become one spirit with the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17). Once he is in us he begins to change us (2 Corinthians 3:16-18).  We go from strength to strength and glory to glory (Psalm 84:7).  Paul was brought out into the desert where he received revelations by the Holy Spirit and this is how he came into the fullness of what God had for him (Galatians 1:12-18).  Just like Paul God wants to reveal his son to you and he will do it by the Holy Spirit and through revelation.  This can come by the small still voice, by angels speaking through dreams and visions.  It comes when you set your heart toward studying the word of God.  As you seek him you will find him when you seek him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
In seeking him you will find revelations about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit comes upon us the grace of God begins to operate in us in such a way that we begin to do things we may have never done before.  When I came to Christ I began to know things about people, the future and my own life that I would have never known if I didn’t know Christ.  I began to operate in the gift of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and by discernment.  It was as if the light came on.  I began to see prophetically over many lives.  Just like many of you reading now.

I understood this to be the power of God operating in my life.  I became a conduit through which supernatural power did flow.  This my no work of my own but by the grace of God.  Many who have heard me speak have heard story after story of how I encountered the power of God and saw many people lives touched by that power even when I didn’t want it to happen.  
I saw many people healed.  I saw many people saved and also filled with the Holy Spirit.  I saw entire groups of peoples in towns I had never been to before become excited about the Lord and they in turn saw their towns touched by God.

When you operate in the Holy Spirit you know that the power that is going through you is not your own, but comes from on high.  It is he who deserves all the glory and honor for the miracles, signs and wonders that happen through our lives.

The Fruit of the Spirit
In seeking him your will find that his character begins to enter into you and that you begin to operate with a grace that you never knew was in you.  There have been times that I have been touched by heaven and I know that I am never going to be the same again.

I have had dozens of encounters where God’s spirit touches me in such a way that his character begins to change me so that I operate in his character.  I wasn’t quite loving before Christ but after his love flowed more easily.  I wasn’t quite bold but in Christ his boldness came forth.  I wasn’t gentle, peaceful or filled with joy, but now these things operate in my life.  When the Holy Spirit fills you the atmosphere and character of heaven begins to operate through you.

Each day we encounter his Spirit we are changed.  What you need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire.  The fire of God comes and consumes all that is not of him.  Just like the three Hebrew children when we are in the fire we meet him there.  The only thing that the children had in the fire was Christ.  When we experience that same fire He begins to shift us from the old nature into the new.  The new is much nicer.  This is the grace of God.  He comes when we don’t even deserve it and begins to change us from glory to glory.  His peace begins to fill our lives in such a way that we are never the same again.


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The Blessings of God
In seeking him his blessings come upon my life.  These blessings also come by Grace.  I have written on all these things before.  My attempt today is not to list every blessing that we are afforded in Christ but just to let you know that they are available.  He doesn’t want you to remain under the curse.  In Christ there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.  We have eternity with him but that doesn’t mean we have to wait till heaven to receive the goodness of the Lord.
We can experience is bounty and blessings now.  I declare that you will have prosperity of Spirit and you will walk in abundant life.  I declare that your bodies will be healed and that you will have more than enough to share.  I even declare increase on you in this season.

Many years ago I learned of God’s grace for blessing.  He even sends his angels to help prosper his people (Genesis 24:9-10).  He will prosper you even when famine comes upon the land (Genesis 26:12).  He will even prosper you when others try to connive and steal your resources from you (Genesis 25:30-43).

This is often hard for Christians to accept, but blessings on your life is more about God than you anyway.  Psalm 67 says that God will bless his people and the ends of the earth will know it and fear him.  You should desire to be blessed so that others know that he is God.  I always say to people what is the use serving a God who cannot bless.

There is someone out there saying what about when bad things happen to Christians.  Even Joseph was blessed as a slave and while in prison.  God will allow the blessing to operate in us no matter the conditions we face.  I declare this over your life as well.


All these things come by the grace of God and through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  I know what it is like to not be blessed and I know what it is like to be blessed.  The blessed life is my better.  The life filled with the Holy Spirit and with power and fruitfulness does not compare to any other life.  I pray that you will inherit the fullness that God has for you.  Be bless and highly favored.

Darren Canning

A Word by Joel Yount

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