Jennifer Peikert travels with her husband Jay internationally and in the United States preaching the Gospel, healing the sick and setting the captives free. They are founders of Declaring The Truth Ministries. She is a published author, with 5 books in English and 1 in Spanish published. She writes a Prophetic Blog weekly that can be read on their website: Jennifer writes a weekly prophetic word for What The Lord Is Saying Today. She also writes a column for Fullness Magazine. She and Jay head up a Healing/ Deliverance Room at Fullness In Christ Church in Fort Worth Texas setting the captives free. They move in the miraculous, healing power of God and the prophetic.

I Am Releasing the Be’s – A Word by Jennifer Peikert

Jennifer Peikert


Last week I woke up early and rolled over and immediately the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am releasing the Be’s.” Well of course my mind thought of literal bees. I knew this word was for this blog. As I took this word and began to think on it, pray and listen to His voice this is what He said:

“I am releasing the BE’s. The ones who know how to BE still and know I am God. The ones who know how to BE My son, to BE My daughters, to BE merciful, to BE courageous, BE strong, BE vigilant, BE sober and BE bold. The ones who will not BE afraid, nor BE deceived, nor BE frightened. The ones who will BE who I have called them to BE. The ones who can just BE and not always have to DO. Out of BEing, you will do.”

I am releasing the BE’s. The ones who will BE My revival, BE My fire, who will BE Me to the world. I am releasing those who will BE My hands and BE My feet. I amreleasing you to fly and soar. It is your releasing time. You know how to BE. Out of Being, you WILL do. I am sending those who will go and BE. I am releasing those who will BE My BE- ERS and not DO-ERS. Understand this, says God, in Being, you will DO. And you will DO more out of BEingthan out of doing.

You and I are Sons and Daughters of God, if we are born again. What we DO is not WHO WE ARE. What we do for God is not who we are. If you are a doctor, nurse, teacher, Pastor, etc. that is what you do not who you are. So many identify with what they do before they identify with the truth that they are sons and daughters of God first. I will speak for myself here for an example: I am called a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, published author, etc. Now, let me explain, those are roles that I fill, so to speak, but first and foremost and ultimately I am God’s Daughter. I believe you understand. We don’t always have to DO. The world tells us we have to be productive all the time. We have to do in order to be someone and earn things. God says we just have to BE and from that we will DO and become who HE wants us to be.

He is saying to us, through this word, that those who know how to BE, it is your releasing time. I am seeing a tea kettle that has been getting hotter and hotter until the lid blows open. This is who we are, we have been in the position of BEing and know it is time for us to explode out and BE released.

The Lord says to those who haven’t quite learned how to just BE, “I am taking you into training, I will teach you who you really are and how to BE that person. I will teach you what it truly means to BE My sons and My daughters. I am ready for you to BE!!!”

“It is your BEING TIME!!!! I am releasing you and you will burst forth. You will explode out of your position of BEing, and you will BE even more,” says God. “It is time for you to BE everything I created you to BE. Then from that you will Do everything I have called you to do. But it starts from the position of Being.”, says God.

Please take the time to read these scriptures on BE!

Psalms 46:10- “Be still”

I Peter 5:8- “Be sober, be vigilant”

I Corinthians 16:13- “Be courageous, be strong”

Joshua 1:9- “Be strong and courageous”

Luke 6:36- “Be merciful”

Luke 8:50- “Don’t be afraid”

Galatians 6:7- “Don’t be deceived”

Deuteronomy 31:6(CJB)- “Be strong, be bold, don’t be afraid or frightened.”

You are bursting forth! You are exploding out! You are BEing released!

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