“I Am Restoring Your Happy Tears,” Says the Lord – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh
Beloved, have you been shedding tears of sorrow and pain for a long time? If so, look up! For the Lord says:
“I am restoring your happy tears!”
Here’s what the Lord is saying to you today:
“For so long, you have been numb and any tears you have shed have been tears of pain. But today I tell you, My child, that I am restoring tears of joy to your life.
I am restoring your happy tears, and I am giving you the happy years of which you have always dreamed.
My people are supposed to dwell in prosperity. I intended you to inherit the land from the beginning. And now, you shall do so. I am restoring the years the locusts and canker worm have eaten.
What does that mean? It means I am restoring to you:
  • the health of your conscience; 
  • your creativity;
  • your prosperity;
  • your ability to grow;
  • your financial provision;
  • your healing and health that the enemy has stolen so many times;
  • your ability to find a healthy balance in your life between work and rest;
  • your new beginnings; and
  • I am healing gaps in your godly character that should not have been there, and you knew it–but you were too overwhelmed to change.
  • I am restoring to you the years the locusts have eaten.
I am also restoring your ability to weep with joy in My presence.
I am restoring the keenness of your ability to feel Me with you. I am restoring your ability to express your heart and emotions to Me in worship. I am restoring your ability to commune with Me in silence AND in song.
I am restoring the holy sensitivity of your soul.
For too long, you have been numbed by pain and overwork. You have needed deep healing, and you are farther along in that healing than you think. I am doing a quick work in you. I say again, as I have said before: I am doing a quick work!
You need to rest in order to receive.
What I will do for you from a place of rest is unimaginable. Even now you gasp and catch your breath with the wonder of it! I am doing those things that no eye on the earth has ever seen or heard from before, and I am doing them quickly.
But to receive these things that I want to do, you need to rest. Your rest is the potting soil in which I am able to cultivate My greatest wonders. Your rest demonstrates that you depend on Me. 
I am restoring your ability to whisper at the greatness of My plans for you.
Even today, you will see My promise and hear My voice, and you will catch your breath in wonder. Even yesterday, you found yourself smiling for no outward reason–simply because My joy was in you. That joy is going to become normal for you now.
My beloved, I am with you always, even to the end of the world. You have wondered where I am, but I have been here the whole time. My plans and purposes for you cannot be foiled as long as you keep your eyes on Me and obey Me.
I know it has been hard and difficult, but you will find rest now. You will find peace now. You have been faithful over little things, and now I will make you faithful over much.
Love, Abba Daddy God.”
Thank You, Father! 
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