Sandi Holman was called to the nations as an End-Time Handmaiden in 1984 with Gwen Shaw and also served with YWAM Singapore and YWAM Charlotte in missions traveling over 16 nations.  She has served the body of Christ as a 700 Club Counselor, Theophostics Counselor, Chaplain, Pastor, Teacher, Speaker and Equipper. She is an author, Prophetic Intercessor, Seer, and Blogger.

I Am Turning Your Mourning Into Dancing – A Word by Sandi Holman

Sandi Holman

I keep hearing the Lord speaking to my spirit: “Beloved. Listen carefully and act upon my words for it is urgent to tie up some loose ends. I have marked out this time for my called out ones to finish every assignment that has been on your drawing board, every unfinished business that I have assigned to you in the past while there is still time.”

You have witnessed the many changes taking place in your culture and your nations, especially regarding your customs and freedoms. But, know this, none of this has taken me by surprise. You are now entering into my appointed time for Defining new assignments, Aligning and connecting the dots, and Refining and Fine Tuning of all that you have been Prepared for in these end-times.

“For there is nothing that is hidden that won’t be disclosed, and there is no secret that won’t be brought out into the light!” Mark 4:22 The Passion Translation.

I will shine my light on every situation and reveal truth in my time, says the Lord. My light will dispel all the darkness and every evil work that the enemy has worked has not escaped my sight. I am at work behind the scenes and I am one step ahead of the deceiver, said the Spirit of Truth.

Even some of the times and opportunities that many have missed are now coming full circle, says the Father. My spinning wheel is reconciling opportunities to be woven together into the tapestry of current events that will come together as a blending of rainbow colors. You will suddenly understand the rainbow that appears after the storm and heavy rains. Know that your rainbow time will be the beginning of beauty for ashes, promises the Creator,

You have been experiencing a merry-go-round existence that seems never-ending. Remember, I am the potter and you are the clay and I have been molding you and making you into a life-giving vessel meet for your Master’s use in this hour.

I am turning the page on the last chapter of your past and all that the enemy set out to cripple you and turn your dreams into his devilish schemes in order to frustrate all of my plans for you. You shall step into your purpose with ease as I tap on your shoulder, saying, ‘May I have this dance for the rest of your life? For I have come to turn your mourning into dancing. I am putting a new song in your heart, a song of gladness as you move forward. You shall have a changed heart from mourning to expecting for I am returning you to the joy of your salvation, says the Father. You shall step into your NEW DAY with great joy set before you.

‘Your romance with your King is a continuous dance into the unknown and the beauty of the dance is: it is my means to your advance, never giving even a glance to the sorrows of lost chances. As we dance the dance of our romance, you shall awake from your deceptive trance,’ says the King of Kings.

You shall begin to see the big picture, you shall see with new understanding of your purpose. Every person has a story. I say to you, I am writing this on the tablet of your heart today, ‘There is a life-changing message inside of you for someone and you shall tell your story of your ‘divine romance’d as I go before you to direct your path,’ says the Holy Spirit.


PSALMS 30:11 TPT “Then he broke through and transformed all my wailing into a whirling dance of ecstatic praise! He has torn the veil and lifted from me the sad heaviness of mourning. He wrapped me in the glory-garments of gladness.

There are so many who are experiencing times of feeling all alone, disconnected, and unsettled. So I say, says the Lord, it is time to encourage yourself in the Lord just like David did.

Remember that David danced before me. The Spirit of the Lord is moving upon your heart even now…so Dance as David danced!

David remembered my goodness and I exhort you to D remember my goodness and faithfulness as well. Don’t allow discouragement to cut in and dance with you! DON’T!!! DANCE ON!!

So take hold of My Unchanging Hand…I AM calling out to you, “May I have this DANCE?”

“You can rest in my Embrace for I have called you MINE!”

“I am the Bridegroom and you are my Bride, says the Lord to His chosen ones. I am calling you into the Bridal Chamber for greater intimacy in this hour. I have many things to tell you. In the secret place shall be your dwelling place and your hiding place as much shaking and quaking is coming upon the earth, says the Bridegroom and you must come up higher to safety in heavenly places.”

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