I Decree & Prophesy Over You A Family Reset! – A Word by Nate Johnston

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I Decree & Prophesy Over You A Family Reset!
A Word by Nate Johnston
In the night I kept hearing the scripture “He sets the lonely in families, he leads the prisoners out with singing” Psalm 68:6. But I also kept hearing “He RESETS the family, He resets the family” 
Kinda obvious that God is doing a huge work in us right now whether you are married or single, have a family or don’t. There’s a great healing and resetting taking place in so many different areas of relational life. 
For the lonely and isolated (well that’s kinds everyone right now) He is surrounding your with real family. Not a club, but a group of people who will champion you. 
He is cutting off and severing ties you had to unequally yoked people and those you aren’t meant to be in relationship with. 
He is healing friendships and reconciling damaged and wounded places of hearts. 
He is doing deep deep healing in marriages.
He is bringing the lost sons and daughters home. The prodigal spouses and the estranged family members. 
Hearts are turning from stone to flesh : God is bringing vulnerability and rawness back so people can truly connect and let their guard down. 
God is pouring out His spirit in homes and the fire is being re-lit on the altar. 
Hidden addictions and issues that keep robbing families are being healed. 
Vision and direction is coming to families and people who have felt clouded. 
Kids are encountering Jesus and beginning to prophesy even more! Such an awakening in this area.
PROVISION is coming! Yes financial breakthrough that comes as a fruit of deep heart repentance and turnaround is here. 
RECOMPENSE & JUSTICE! The enemy is going to pay for what He has done to you and your family line. 
It’s time for legacy to begin again. It’s a time for family revival!