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I didn’t realize I was powerless! – A Word by Edie Bayer


I had an epiphany today, and it hit me really hard!  Ready?  We have no power aside from God.
Immediately, as soon as I had that revelation, I had a flash back to when I was a youngster in the Lord.  I spent virtually no time with Him, other than an hour or so on the weekend, and an occasional “church thing”.  I think I even graced the church with my presence to help out a time or two before I got serious with the Lord, mostly looking for guys.  Come on – I’m just being honest here!
I know this seems really obvious, but your giftings are found in God, and that is where your “super-power” is.  I had no gifts before I spent time with God!  I had absolutely NO POWER.  I didn’t have the power to pray away a headache at the beginning.  The sad part was I didn’t realize I was powerless!  In fact, I didn’t realize there was any power to be had.  The only wonder-working power I knew of was it was a wonder that I made it to church on Sunday at all! The rest of the week I lived like the world.
Then the Holy Spirit changed my life, little by little, over the course of a year.  I began to really LIVE for the Lord.  I spent hours on my face in prayer.  I was in church every time the doors were open; in fact, I had a Pastor chase me out one time because he had a wedding to perform!  I began to seek the Lord in earnest, reading the Word every time I could, and spending all day Saturday on the couch with Him; then later by soaking and at conferences.  There was a time I was in church five-times a week, while working at a ministry!
THAT is when my super-powers really started to show up.  What I mean by that is the more time I spent with Him, the stronger my giftings became, and I began to experience miracles.  I started to get gold-dust on me and feathers started to show up; I started to prophesy, and words of knowledge and supernatural wisdom began to come.  I started to see miracles regularly, so many that it became “normal” to hear the voice of God, lay hands on the sick and see them recover, boldly evangelize, find miracle money and gems, plus many other signs, wonders and testimonies.
Simply put, if you want more Power, spend time in the presence of the Lord.  When you spend time with Him, He gives you His power.  Then, the stronger your power becomes, the more it will be released through your giftings. You become a powerful woman or man of God by spending time in His presence.  You will pray with power and see your prayers answered!  You will speak with power and authority, as Jesus did, and help many walk through their problems.  You will teach others the same things that you have learned, and impart that same power to them, helping them to “muscle-up” in the spiritual realm.
The bottom line is this: Stay in His presence to become the mighty woman or man of God that He has designed and pre-destined you to be.  Then His super-powers will flow through you, equipping and enabling others to become powered-up, too!
One of God’s super-powers is multiplication!  God is a “multiplication God”.  He is also multifaceted in the ways that He can get something to you.  His favorite way, however, is the “if you, then I” method.  In this, He says, “If you (do something), then I (will do something).”
He uses this method for increase.  If you will (sow seed), then I will provide (an abundant harvest).  Throughout scripture He shows us this, with the promised results.  Do you want the results of the harvest?  Then sow the seed.  There is no other way!  God will fulfill His promise to you.  If you will, then He will! – Edie Bayer
Satan’s goal is to keep you distracted by the circumstance so much that you say “I’ll do it later, or I just can’t.”
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