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I Dreamed I was crying. – A Word by Dawn Baker

I Dreamed I was crying.
A Word by Dawn Baker

“Jesus wept”. We’ve all frivolously quoted that verse. We’ve known it as ‘the shortest verse in the bible’ but could Father God truly want us to delve deeply into the heart of it. Jesus wept. He is the very image of The Holy God, embodying everything good and right; yet, He is so full of compassion for ‘us’ that tears fell from Jesus eyes and He wept, cried for us. Wow!

The longer I live, and the more interaction I have with people, the more I’m amazed and ponder hearts. Jeremiah said the heart is “deceitfully wicked”. Yet, Jesus died for our hearts; that’s how important our heart is to God and how much He wants it! The war has always been over ‘our heart’. And a heart transformed by Jesus is undeniably recognizable as His.

‘THE HEART’ pumps blood through the entire body, bringing life to all the bodies organs/members. Without the blood flowing we die. Are we as heart carriers, of God’s heart, forgetting our job/our purpose is to ‘pump’ life to every organ, all members? We have the blood. Not one member/organ will function well without the heart being well and doing all it was created to do.

Dawn Baker