Dear friends,

Distraction. What thoughts come to your mind when you hear this word?  I will never forgot the dream I had recently that showed how the enemy was trying to distract me from my destiny and calling!

It all happened the night before I was suppose to speak at a local gathering here in Maryland. At night, while sleeping I had a dream that someone on a bench took out a can of spray and began spraying it all over my face and in my eyes. It was painful! She would not stop spraying! I felt attacked while sleeping! I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, oh no, do I have to be on the lookout now for someone at the meeting tomorrow night when I go to speak?  Will someone in the meeting try to come up to me and spray me in the face?

After talking with some trusted prophetic voices they gave feedback and insight that it was the enemy trying to attack my vision and purpose. It made sense considering the very next day I was scheduled to speak somewhere. The enemy does not want us to step into our calling! He loves to send distractions and create confusion. This dream reminded me of how when the enemy tries to sow confusion we need to take a step further and speak Life! We need to speak the word of God over our life in those moments when we are being attacked by distractions.

It was then I was reminded of how many reports we have received of people writing in and telling us how the articles and words they have read on Spirit Fuel have been such a blessing and a powerful impact in their daily walk with the Lord. Right in moments of despair, distraction, and confusion, an email happened to land in their inbox that was an on time word they needed to see at that very moment. We need your support to continue strong. Some may not always think about the dedicated team it takes each day to update our website, maintain our email list, and the expenses it takes to run this platform. We do it for God’s glory! Today is very important.

Would you stand with us right now and give a gift today to help us continue? Let the Lord lead you with the amount. Thank you for being a blessing. Blessings, Joel Yount

We believe God will come through for us!

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