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I hear the Sound of your Sudden Breakthrough – A Word by Agnes Ebedi

I hear the Sound of your Sudden Breakthrough
A Word by Agnes Ebedi

Recently, I have had some significant, moments of divine encounters during my prayer time, where the Father has been speaking to me repeatedly about Breakthrough and Birthing. On the eve of the first day of the month I drifted off to sleep and had a significant dream. In this dream, I was in a vehicle with some people and suddenly, I saw, standing in front of the vehicle, a messenger of the Lord, an angel. The angel said to us “As Surely as the Lord lives, you shall give birth to a baby!” I woke up and I heard our Father say that “The ninth month is your month of breakthrough!” I thought this dream was so significant to come on the first day of the 9th month as the number 9 is the month of Birthing. I believe that the set time has come for the birthing, the bringing forth of long-awaited promises. The Father said to me that many have come to the place of birthing but have become weary and He said to me “The Night Season shall come to an end in the Ninth Month.” Many have been in a night season in their finances, family situations and health. Because this is your set time of Breakthrough, I declare, that the night season is coming to an end and today marks the breaking of your brand-new day of bountiful blessings! This month, the Breaker, the Almighty God, shall go before you to unlock you season of Breakthrough.
During my prayer time, I was suddenly startled by a loud, distinct, piercing sound like the sound of glass shattering and I heard our Father God say that just like Joseph experienced a season of confinement on the course to the palace, many have encountered many barriers that have attempted to shut them in and keep them out of the promises that God had spoken to them; then I heard the Father say “no longer shall you be prevented from possessing your promise because this is your hour to BREAKTHROUGH.” That which has stood as a mountain in your part shall now bow at your decree. The glass ceilings shall shatter; the obstacles shall be uprooted; the walls shall come down and you shall possess your promises in Jesus name! The promises He has spoken to you shall come to pass according to His word in Isaiah 45:1-3, “Thus saith the Lord to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I will empower, to open double doors before Him and the gates shall not be shut; I will go before you and will level the mountains. I will shatter the gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” This is what the Father says concerning your promise. It shall come to pass in Jesus name.
The Barriers are BREAKING and the Key to Unlock your Breakthrough has been Released.
A few weeks ago, during my prayer time, I was taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw someone standing in what looked like a cave. It seemed like they had been shut in as there was a massive barrier blocking the exit of the cave. Suddenly, I saw the hand of our Father giving them a gold key with a bright light radiating from it. They took the key and as they pointed it towards the barrier; instantly, the barrier split and immediately, they experienced their breakthrough. I heard our Father say that in this hour, He is giving new keys and strategies that will unlock breakthrough to you. Many have felt like the promises spoken to them in the past by the Lord had died prematurely but Like Mary and Martha in Luke 10 whose brother returned to life when Jesus called him forth; in this season, I heard the Father say that this is the hour of his power and the moment for the manifestation of massive miracles and long awaited promises.” The same power that raised Jesus from the dead shall resurrect every promise that had died prematurely in your life. Because the Breaker, the Almighty God, has gone before you; the barriers will break, the mountains will split apart and the promises that died prematurely shall be quickened and suddenly come back to life.
You are stepping into your place called Breakthrough
I heard the Father say that many have been in the midst of a long battle in family situations, in finances and in health. While I was praying, I saw a vision of someone in the midst of a battle. The opposition seemed insurmountable as it seemed like the enemy was closing in on them. As I watched, suddenly, I saw that they were not fighting alone. Jesus appeared and began to walk with them. As He walked with them in the midst of the battle, I heard Him begin to speak. He said “Your walk with me has brought an end to the war within and the war that had been waged to keep you walled in and without your promise. The battles you had faced in the last season shall suddenly come to an end. Because I am fighting for you, this is your day of resounding victory!” Then I heard Him say that there are many that have encountered some giant-sized opposition in the last season but just like David defeated Goliath in 1st Samuel 17; the giants are coming down and you are taking a giant leap into your giant-sized promises! According to His word in 2nd Samuel 5:20 that states “The Lord did it! David exclaimed, The Lord has defeated my enemies like the breakthrough of many waters, and He named the place ‘The Lord Broke Through.’” Even today, I declare that you are stepping into Your place called Breakthrough. I heard the Spirit of God say that this is your season of massive victory. He has turned the trial into triumph and the massive opposition into a major opportunity to open up an overflow of blessings to you. What the enemy intended for evil, He shall cause to work in your favor; “It shall turn to you for a testimony” – Luke 21:13.
I hear the Roar of the Rain of your Abundant Blessings being released!
I was having a conversation with some close friends on a video call on a Sunday. In one moment, I could see their faces and hear their voices chatting excitedly and in the next moment I could not see them anymore. Instead, I saw rain drops begin to fall, it seemed like, from my ceiling. It became like a heavy downpour. I was immensely startled and as the presence of God began to fill the room. I realized, I was having an open-eyed vision. Just as soon as I realized this, the vision suddenly faded away and I heard our Father begin to speak. He said that “The Battle of the last season shall give way to the breaking forth of abundant blessings in this season. I’ll pour out to you the former rain and the latter rain and release restoration to you. Everything the enemy stole in the last season shall now return to you 7-fold. This is the season where things will turn around.” I declare in Jesus name, according to the word of the Lord in Amos 9:13-15; “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s decree. Things are going to happen so fast, one thing fast on the heels of the other. Everything will be happening at once – and everywhere you look, blessings!” “Look around and be amazed! For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” – Habakkuk 1:5.
I declare that you are stepping into your season of rest, reaping, repayment and rapid restoration. Like a woman who had being in labor and suddenly gives birth to her baby. You are about to give birth your long-awaited promises. The weariness of the last season is lifting because the wait for the promise is ending and the weight of the blessing is being released to you in this season. God has remembered you! I declare that today, a supernatural second wind is coming to you to refuel, refill, refresh and renew you. God is releasing a rapid response to your prayers. Like a Breaker, a massive sea wave that breaks into the shore, I declare that wave after massive wave of mighty miracles are about to be manifested in your life. I hear the sound of the abundance of your blessings be released. I hear the sound of your sudden BREAKTHROUGH!
Agnes Ebedi