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I Heard The Lord Say “Miraculous Breakthrough Will Come In Some Of The Most Unexpected Ways – Show Up, Push Through” – A Word by Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser

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This week I have felt many have been experiencing significant resistanc in coming at them from numerous angles. There was a temptation in the resistance to ‘shy away’ or to ‘lie down’ or ‘back away’, to ‘cancel’, to not ‘follow through’ and to ‘give up’ on some things.

As I felt this in the spirit, I heard the Lord say “miraculous breakthrough will come in some of the most UNEXPECTED WAYS! Show up, push through.”

When the Lord spoke this, I felt strongly the word of the Lord was to “REMAIN” and to “REMAIN STEADFAST.” Remain standing in your “YES”. What you have committed to, what you have said “YES” to, what the Lord has led you to do, REMAIN, because in the SHOWING UP and PUSHING THROUGH, there is UNEXPECTED BREAKTHROUGH.

The Lord showed me that the level of resistance coming against many ‘feels’ intense but it is but a VAPOUR in the spirit compared to the level of EMPOWERMENT of His Spirit that you will encounter as you continue to SHOW UP and BE PRESENT and do what you said you would do.

The Lord showed me that the enemy is actually very intimidated by you showing up and being present, continuing o do what you are called to do, meant to do, said you would do, because there is a greater realm of fruitfulness and partnering with the Holy Spirit in what He is doing and new ventures before you.

I heard the Lord say “Their YES is being tested.” The enemy is “testing your YES to the Lord” because of the HARVEST that is going to come in through your YES to the Lord.”

There will be great refreshing and strengthening by His Spirit in showing up again in your YES to the Lord. He is going to bring mighty strength to you and the breaking of attack in your ‘showing up’ and your obedience to the Lord and continuing in your assignment right now.

The Spirit of God is going to move in such unexpected ways as you show up and push through in your YES. Show up in your YES and the Lord will do the rest. The battle over your “YES” in this hour is because many of you are crossing over a threshold into new territory and tending new gardens with the Lord where great fruitfulness will abound.

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