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I Heard The Lord Say, ‘Strike The Ground’ – A Word by Lana Vawser








Lana Vawser

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Recently I heard the Lord say “STRIKE THE GROUND!” and the sense surrounded me strongly that this was the FINAL STRIKE.
I felt the Holy Spirit say that many have been in such an intense battle of late and many have been ‘hit’ again in many directions. The Lord showed me that many are facing an increase in the things standing against their promise in the last few weeks. He showed me that many were feeling like suddenly the manifestation of His promise feels even further way than ever. I saw many in a fight over their promise, fighting hard against fear, discouragement, despair, confusion. 
The Lord spoke to me that there is a FINAL STRIKE happening in two dimensions. There is a FINAL STRIKE of the enemy hitting many harder than ever in the area of their promise and to cage them in discouragement and despair because this is actually the FINAL STRIKE to see the breaker manifest.
There is a major shift taking place in the spirit in the earth right now and in the lives of His people. The enemy wants to cage you in fear, in unbelief, in doubt, in despair and discouragement. Whatever it takes “STRIKE THE GROUND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I heard the Holy Spirit say “Strike the ground again and the land will be yours”
The Lord showed me that there is a MAJOR battle going on in the spirit right now over OWNERSHIP. The Lord wants to give you new land, the Lord wants to lead you into your inheritance and into your new territory and for you to occupy it. 
This battle over territory is because this new territory that you are stepping onto and into is going to be your place of greatest FULLNESS and alignment. There is a significant impartation waiting for you in your land of inheritance and your new territory, your place of promise and the enemy is trying to keep you from it, but it will NOT happen as you STRIKE THE GROUND. 
In the spirit I heard the sound of a car starting and as it went to start it then suddenly cut out. I kept hearing this happening over and over again and it reminded me of what happens when a car battery is going flat.
I asked the Lord what He was saying and He whispered “I am cancelling the false starts. I am reviving My people and establishing them to not be uprooted again and to accelerate in the wind of My Spirit, empowered, further than they have ever been. This is their season to run with Me.”
I was suddenly surrounded by Amos 9:15:
“I will plant them on their land, and they shall never again be uprooted out of the land that I have given them, ” says the Lord your God. (English Standard Version)
The Lord spoke again:
“STRIKE THE GROUND AGAIN!! Can you hear the sound of inheritance?”
The Lord is releasing the deeds of ownership in the Spirit. The things that have YOUR name on it, the promises of the Lord, the territories, the new ventures, the new lands that you will occupy. He is releasing them now and the battle is over that ownership, so can I encourage you, RISE UP, STAND UP and STRIKE THE GROUND AGAIN with your prayers, with your decrees, use your authority, for you are about to be led into what is YOURS, what HE has spoken is yours, and NOT be moved from it again. That is WHY the battle is so intense because THIS TIME YOU WILL OCCUPY! 
There is a mighty move of His Spirit upon you in the striking of the ground. The DAM is about to break and the tidal wave of His Spirit is about to move in such acceleration, bringing the greatest alignments of your life and release you into the new level of acceleration, empowerment and increase that He has for you in this new era.
There is FULLNESS like you’ve never known upon you. You will FLOURISH in Christ in the new territory He has for you. 
The Lord showed me that there is MAJOR financial breakthrough and provision that is being released to build with Him like never before. The Lord is going to release the provision for the vision that He has released. The provision He is releasing will enable the people of God to build the blueprints He has released and other Kingdom ventures that He is going to reveal and others that have been put on the back-burner because of lack of finances. The Lord is going to show Himself strong as provider to build what He is building to see His Kingdom extended like never before in the blueprints He has released. 
Ask for wisdom (James 1:5) in the stewardship of the provision and as you follow the wisdom of God there will be mighty demonstrations of MULTIPLICATION like you have never seen.

Strike the ground again! It’s the BREAKER! – Lana Vawser


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