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I Prophesy That Isolation Isn’t Your Destination – Your Tribe Is Coming! – A Word by Nate Johnston

A Word by Nate Johnston

God is moving mightily right now in the vehicle of authentic family throughout the earth. There has been a deep cry and longing in the hearts of Gods people for a long time for something we have been wired for and just so happens to be the very blueprint and petri-dish for revival in the earth. I want to prophesy this over you this week and pray it brings freedom, healing, breakthrough, commissioning and the impartation of the anointing of family!


Months ago the Lord told me that beyond any other facet of this transition, at its very core was the reformation of the church from an institution to a family. People don’t want membership, they want to belong, and in the last 10 years there has been a dissatisfaction rising in a people created for more, simply tapping into what God is moving us into.

I was in my study early last week when I heard the Father speak to me. “There are so many out there that don’t want information or even the most profound revelation. They just want family” Suddenly my spirit began to burn and I felt His heart for those who spend all their waking moments, looking, searching and craving for people who will accept them. So many of us spend hours a day scrolling through social media with that God-given desire for true connection but often leave with a few cheap quotes and a virtual high five.

There are so many that just want to be accepted and loved. It’s THE cry of this generation who the enemy has assaulted with fatherlessness, abuse, violence, addiction, and many other disabling legacies that keep being handed down to each generation.


“Who will set the feast?” I heard the Lord say to me. “Who will call them to the table?” As a dad of two very lively girls our kitchen table has been the scene of many messy spills over the years, but it’s also been the place of so much laughter and connection. Some of my own favourite God-moments have actually happened around the table, where we have had raw and painful conversations about life with friends but also glorious times of love and encouragement, prophesying over each other til midnight.

Setting the table is messy but it is where revival happens in its purest form. It’s where revival begins. Right now God is increasing our awareness upon that which we have built that will not truly sustain a move of the family of God and simply asking us to set the table. It’s where we look beyond religious bounds and simply love the people in front of us.


“The season of isolation is over!” I then heard the Lord say. So many have been in place of extended isolation and for some it’s been seasonal. I instantly remembered back to our 4 year isolation. It was hard and confusing but it was where God birthed in us what we are doing now. There are seasons that God intentionally hides us away like that to untangle us, encounter us, prepare, and download to us what is to come, but there is also the isolation that seems to never end that is a spiritual bondage and barrenness sent by the enemy to keep you from ever seeing what God has for you. This is also a tactic of the enemy to silence you and emprison you. I felt His vindication over those who have been in this bondage because this will be the season you feel the cords of that break off your life. Where you have felt hidden and invisible, walking around the wilderness, alone and confused. The isolation breaks right now in Jesus name!
There are also many Lone Ranger prophets, apostles, and evangelists that God is calling out of isolation and into true connection right now. Years ago God told me that my full potential would only be revealed in the context of community because isolation may help you learn to fight bears and lions like David did but it’s only when you have family around you that it draws out who you really are and leads you to impossible victories and exploits.


Some of you haven’t been in isolation but it feels like you don’t know which way is up because there has been so much transition in the lives of those around you and in your circle. Many friendships have ended you didn’t expect. People have moved on and moved away, the dynamics have changed, and It’s felt like a time of zero relational stability.

God has been shifting your inner circle and close company because He is getting you into an environment where you will thrive for the season ahead of you. The purposes God has for your life simply wouldn’t be able to grow and mature in your current or old relational environment but God is bringing in an oasis of nourishment to your life. A people who will surround you and champion you into your full potential but also those who you are equally yoked with that you can run with.


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A few weeks ago I was with my friend Seth Dahl talking about kingdom families which is a topic we both love as we both of us are pioneering new frontiers in ministry and family when He jokingly likened us to the Avengers. Later that day I was on the flight home when I kept hearing what He had said resounding in my spirit. Then I heard “Avengers ASSEMBLE!” just like in the movie.

The word “avenger” means “to exact punishment or harm for an injury or wrong”, and assemble means “to fit or come together for a common purpose”. Instantly it hit me. What if God is raising up families who through their synergy will unleash heaven upon injustices and see revival touch the four corners of the earth?

I feel that God using these revival families to bring alignment to acceptable dysfunctions and bring order to places of chaos. They will reveal Gods heart for the season to come and break the mold into new undiscovered territory for Jesus!


I feel both His weighty presence on me right now and the healing anointing for many who God wants to set free right now so you can begin to experience what God wants to bring to you. Have you experienced any of the following?

You have been hurt/abused, by your biological family or friends.

You have been hurt/abused, by a church, institution, or spiritual leader.

You have experienced control, manipulation, and spiritual bondage from family, friends, a church leader.

You have been rejected and outcasted by your family or even socially, causing you to feel like you don’t belong or fit.

You have been rejected and outcasted by the church.

You have become disillusioned by the idea of ever having true family because you have been hurt and let down too many times.

Peoples words and judgements have cut you down, silenced you, shut you up, and caused you to retreat.

If you have experienced any of these on behalf of others who treated you this way, I am sorry. That’s not Gods heart towards you. If you have felt the Holy Spirit tugging on you during reading this and you want to be free of the pain and trauma you have been living with, pray with me right now.

God today I choose to forgive those who hurt me, abused me, betrayed me, abandoned me, rejected me, squashed and silenced me, usurped me, belittled me, and cast me off. I release them from any bitterness I have had towards them and let go today so I can begin to believe you for the family you have waiting to surround me. I forgive the church and those leaders, because I know that although they didn’t accept me, it never changed our acceptance of me. God remove all trauma and roots of abuse in my heart that have been keeping me in a standstill, isolated, stunted, and separated from my destiny. I choose today not to be a Lone Ranger anymore. I need family and they need me. The world needs what is unveiled in me when I’m in a tribe of authentic lovers of Jesus. Lord i have been longing for real family and people I can trust my heart with and run with, people who won’t betray me or cut me down with their words, so I ask you to bring them to me so I can experience your full design for my life, fulfilled and walking out the calling upon my life, in Jesus name!

“To the fatherless he is a father. To the widow he is a champion friend. To the lonely he makes them part of a family.
To the prisoners he leads into prosperity until they sing for joy” Psalm 68:5

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