I Prophesy That You Are Turning A Corner! – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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“In the season that you have never felt more confused, more lost, more out of options, more stretched, broken, raw, and unsure of the future, IN THAT SEASON am LAUNCHING you!” Says the Lord. You have been reaching forth your hand out into the darkness feeling like every step forward is in vain, and every moment holding onto the promise only delaying the inevitable crash, but YOU DON’T SEE what I see because your ways ARE NOT my ways. But you are right.. you are at THE END. The end of the old ways and the old path and now.. YOU ARE TURNING A CORNER. 

You will feel like you have stepped from the darkness of midnight into the most glorious sunrise of a new day. It will be that SUDDEN and overwhelming because you had started to plant your feet in the valley. You had begun to call the WAITING your fortress and survival your safety. But as you turn the corner your HEART WILL LEAP, and a rush of grief and deep sorrow will rush to the surface as you realize I had been preparing THIS NEW DAY for you all along. 

Still, it looks scary and unknown but THIS IS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN PREPARING YOU FOR! This is what I have been BUILDING IN YOU, and THROUGH YOU! So lay your burdens down at my feet today, all THE PIECES of the puzzle you don’t understand and are not able to stitch together. 

Lay down your heartaches, lay down the pain you have been carrying. HOLD MY HAND.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have not passed you by, I have not forgotten, I won’t let you miss this. LET’S TURN THE CORNER TOGETHER..”

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