Teresa Jones is a prophetic voice who ministers in and through the Father’s heart, with a desire to see the body of Christ grow in intimacy with the Father, in hearing His voice, being healed of wounds and traumas and maturing in their gifts and callings. She is an apostolic/prophetic intercessor with a heart to birth and uncover the keys that shift and bring change. Teresa and her husband David live in Tallahassee, Florida where they minister to the local body, the community and to governmental leaders.

I saw a Womb over Florida and the US Map – A Word by Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones

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I saw in a vision during prayer of  a full, heavy Womb that seemed close to the birthing time, and the water breaking, over Florida and over America. It was close to time for birthing. We speak life and a grace for birthing in this season. We speak life over that which you have conceived, oh God, that which you hover over, surround and birth in Jesus’ name! We call into right position those that are ready to birth and carry this individual and corporate movement of God! We call in those that are called as midwives, those that are wet nurses and those that will grow and steward this movement that You have conceived! Life, Life, life over what you, oh God, have conceived in us and are about to birth in Jesus’ name. Birth what you want birthed! Birth what you have conceived in us, the intercessors, the body of Christ. I speak to those that are carriers to get into birthing position and birth! Let the very life of God come forth!

“I’m bringing life, my LIFE, out of what I have spoken for Florida. I’m birthing that which I’ve conceived for Florida and for America!” Speak life, HIS VERY LIFE, over Florida! Speak HIS VERY LIFE over America! Speak life, His very life!

“I’m bringing a birthing to these things, the gifts and callings, the destinies, the movements, the ideas, the songs, the anthems, the sounds of heaven, that which I have conceived,” says God. “Those God Conceived things, I am breathing life into those things and what I’m birthing will come forth and live!” 

I say live in Jesus’ name!! I speak LIFE to that baby, that awakening, that destiny, that spark of transforming power within us that is about to be birthed out of heaven!! I call the watchman to watch! I call the prophets to speak! I call the intercessors to intercede! I call the transformers to transform! I call the movements to move. All hands on-deck! I call the fathers to father! I call the mothers to mother.

Momentum rise! I call these precious God-breathed movements, utterances, songs, words, destinies, the very Spirit led, Spirit lived, Spirit conceived bursts of creative light from heaven to live and to breathe! Holy Ghost filled life and breath I say come forth!!

The very life of God is being poured out over Florida and America! I speak a strength to those that carry this living, breathing movement of God! Carriers, carry HIM well and release HIM well! Transformation, come forth!

I speak a coming forth to those that are midwives and are called to help with these birthings.  Come forth! I speak strength to those that will steward this move of God! Wake up!! Refocus!! Recalibrate!! Steward well!! Stand strong!! Stand true!! Be flexible and fully yielding to the Holy Spirit but immovable where the fear of man and the enemy are concerned!! Don’t back down and don’t stop short!

We say to the Backbone of steel, come forth!! Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, come forth!! Waters come forth and penetrate that which is living, that which is dry, that which is barely surviving. To you, to those I say Live, breathe and receive the very Life of God in you. Breathe and hover over these ones, Lord!! Hover over and infuse this birthing, this baby, this God-ordained and God-breathed destiny-your very life!!! Fire and water! We say fire and water!! Fire from heaven and the water of the Word filled with Holy Ghost power!! Holy Ghost filled Fire and water!! Come Holy Spirit!! Fire and water!

Teresa Jones

August 23, 2022

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