I Saw What God Was Doing With All The Arrows That Were Sent At You This Season! – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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Last week I shared a word about Gods deliverance anointing that is right now healing wounds and setting people free from things that have come against them in this transition season. I also mentioned that I felt that people who had been wounded and taken out through the assignment of words/witchcraft were being delivered. What does that mean? God is right now removing every arrow that has come against you through betrayal, accusation, jealousy, and competition so you can finally MOVE ON, get closure, and break away from the past season. That same night that I shared the deliverance word I had a dream where I saw God doing something interesting that I want to share with you and prophesy over you.


Firstly before I share what I saw in my dream I need to show you why you have had so much witchcraft/words and chatter against you especially this year. I believe we have just stepped into the era of the prophetic 2.0 where God has commissioned the church to not be silent anymore but be a mighty influence in the earth. This is the hour that the prophets are needed to arise and step into a place of responsibility to DECREE what heaven is saying governmentally and see it shift nations. But ALL of us as believers are a prophetic people and we carry the WORDS of the Father that shift things around us. We have been given the charge to prophesy and decree things on earth as they are in heaven. But the enemy has not been happy about this and has sought to shut down Gods people so we wouldn’t be able to partner with heaven in the years to come. Just as jezebel tried to shut down Gods prophets and used witchcraft(WORDS) to accomplish this, the war of words against you this year has been sent to shut down your own future words, your voice, your prophetic decree that In this season will accomplish more than you can even fathom.


In my dream I saw a storm of words and arrows filling the skies that then descended up people and pinned them down under its weight, but then I saw the Lord take the storm and began to stir them in his hands. At first I didn’t understand what was happening then I saw that He was moulding, pressing and fashioning it into a weapon of his own, and he took it and threw it violently back in the direction it had come. When I woke up I heard this passage from Isaiah 54:15-17;

“If anyone dares to stir up strife against you, it is not from me! Those who challenge you will go down in defeat. See, I am the one who created the craftsman who fans the coals into a fire and forges a weapon fit for its purpose, and I am the one who created the destroyer to destroy.

But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing WORD spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh’s servants, and their vindication is from me,” says Yahweh” Isaiah 54:15-17

I’m convinced that what I saw was the sovereign vindication of God over His children to bring justice to the judgement the enemy has sent against her and the confusion it has caused. The storm of words and chatter has not only come directly from the enemy but the enemy has brought mass division by recruiting other believers to hurl arrows and words at each other! What a perversion of purpose! But God is dealing with this right now, exposing the enemies plans to divide , and is FASHIONING or forging what has come against you into a weapon that works FOR you!

So let me simply prophesy what I believe Is happening in your life and in the body of Christ as this assignment comes to a bitter end.


You are about to feel suddenly unmuzzled and like your time of silence or feeling stifled is over. Many won’t even realise they have been silenced until they feel the fresh wind of the spirit blow through them and they feel the power and force of what is released. It will be an uncapping of wells of revelation and insight that many have felt unable to tap into in the way they used to. Your silence is over and it’s time to prophesy with potency.


You are about to feel a new stirring for the secret place that has been warred against for many months now. The war of words has caused such fatigue against your mind that you have struggled to enter in to worship on your own like you used to. It will feel like you suddenly have the ability to dive deep again and crave his presence and voice. As I write this I’m seeing people coming into a fresh consecration to the throne room and feeling the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit removing every distraction and desire outside of his presence.


The presence of God is going to ignite and activate dreams and visions again for those who have felt like they lost the ability to hear God in that way. Encounter dreams turned to warfare dreams and torment and it brought upon a deep discouragement and even condemnation that you weren’t doing something right. But dreams are going to come again and you will get back the personal communication with God you had in your nights.


Words against you can cause there to be technical blockages where it feels like things just don’t connect or eventuate. It’s like being in a holding pattern when you were certain it was meant to be a time of movement and release. Witchcraft has caused delay upon delay this year and the closing of some doors you didn’t expect, but God is serving justice upon this attack by clearing the road and open up the RIGHT doors for you.


What has been held up and stuck In a forever cycle of indecision will suddenly be released from its track. Where you have been asking God for specific direction to make the right choices, be able to make plans to move forward will suddenly be released from backorder. This kind of waiting was NOT the Lord and God is bringing the answers to you so you can move on.


You are being healed and refreshed right now from the emotional and mental toll he war of words had on your mind and heart. God has been teaching you to protect your heart so you don’t demonise those who were used by the enemy to attack you, but He has also been showing you how to align your thoughts with the word on your worst days of onslaught. Watch as torment breaks off your mind and you suddenly feel a refreshing mentally and a new capacity to open your heart after self-protecting for so long.


I’ve seen this for years but when the assignment of words breaks off people’s lives it often brings healing to physical issues. Many who have had mystery illnesses will suddenly realise they aren’t feeling pain where they did or experiencing discomfort how they did for months before. In particular those who have adrenal/hormonal issues are being healed in the wake of this, as well as heart and stomach issues.


These words have been like a barrier to prayers and things you have been asking God for. In particular those who have needed financial provision to be able to move forward in areas of new ventures, projects, business, family, and ministry will begin to see a flood come to them as well as held up favor and gifts God had planned for them. Provision is a major sign of breakthrough, just like Elijah who went into hiding after experiencing witchcraft against him suddenly received provision, you too are going to experience God bring you what you need. It won’t just be monetary but God will bring you the missing pieces/resources that will enable you to move forward.

So now PROPHESY, SPEAK, and release fresh WORDS of faith and power into your season. Look behind you and forgive who you need to, untangle yourself from the last remaining words that tried to hold you ransom, and become the Father’s mouthpiece and clarion call ringing in a new day because the season of chatter is over and now the era of the decree is upon us!

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