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I Sent My Word and My Prophets


Arrogant power will come to end says the Spirit of the Lord.  For the people have talked and scoffed and mocked My prophets and the words of My prophets.

So My people come and pretend to be sincere and sit before those whom I send.

They listen but have no intention of obedience or adherence to the words I speak says the Lord.  They have mouths full of lustful words, their hearts do not seek after Me.


This is a people entertained by my ministers, they listen to you like someone who sings love songs with a beautiful voice or plays fine musical instrument. Yet  they are a people who hear what I say but have no intention of acting on it.  Hearers of the word only, yet the Lord says I  demolish your pride, strip you of your arrogance, when these things happen, certainly they will know I sent My Word and My Prophets among them.

For the Lord says I will search and find My sheep.  The Sovereign Lord says I am looking for My scattered flock, I will find and rescue all My scattered sheep.

What sorrow awaits the shepherds who have fed yourselves and have not fed your flocks.  You have not taken care of the weak.  You have not tended the sick or bound up the wounds.  You have not gone looking after those who have wandered away, you have ruled them with harshness and cruelty.  Many of My sheep have wandered off and are lost.

The Lord says, I myself will bring them back home to their own land.  I will feed them and bring them back to the place of refreshing says the Lord.  Even to dwell by the river of God I will refresh them, strengthen them, and bind up their wounds, bandage their injuries.  I the Lord will tend to My sheep and they will once again lie down in peace.

But I will destroy those that are fat and powerful.  I will feed them yes, I will feed them justice.


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And those of you whom I have been brought home, cease to murmur and stop your complaining, for there was a time you too were lost, rejoice for all that I have is yours.   My people you are saying the Lord is not doing what is right,  I will judge each one of you according to your deeds.  Now is the day of justice, separation between the sheep and goats.  A dark day.

The Lord says I will divide between the fat sheep and the sickly sheep, for the fat sheep have pushed, butted and crowded My flock until they have been scattered in every direction.

The Lord says I will rescue My flock and they will no longer be abused.   I am going out into the land the find My baby lambs for many are lost, many cannot find their way to safety in this wicked generation,  many are lost and have no direction.


The Lord says, I have made a covenant with my people to come and drive the wolves and howling dogs away, and bring my flock back into that place of safety in that land filled with milk and honey.

I will bring my lambs back and they will be in safety in the wildest places and they will even lie down in the wooded areas and sleep without fear.  I will bless My people and send the showers they need upon them and their homes.  Their orchards and their fields will yield crops and My children will dwell in safety.


I am breaking chains and rescuing those that will,  from being enslaved any longer.  They will no longer be a prey to the enemy, they will live in safety says the Lord.  In this they will know that I am with them, they will know that they are My people.  You are My people and I am your God.  Watch and pray says the Lord, for surely I come quickly.

Amen and Amen.

Inspired Word,
Written by Gail Manizak

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Gail, first and foremost is a Lover of God,moving in the Word of Wisdom, Prophetic Insight. Her hearts desire is for the Body of Christ to be Encouraged, Healed and Revived. Anything less will not do, she and her husband operate a ministry of Interecession. Declaring hope, health and healing for anyone and everyone in need. The Power and Presence Ministry is a ministry of Intercession for preparation for the next great move of God soon to invade the earth. She is a homemaker, a mother of four. Also a Published Author, and an Artist in her spare time.