Steve has written many books and has a special anointing to bring forth the deep truths of the Spirit, with a clarity and simplicity that draws one up into a closer walk and deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. His speaking engagements take him internationally. Steve’s passion is reaching people through social media, conference speaking, and writing devotional books that draw the reader into the very presence of God. His latest devotional “He Leads Me Beside Still Waters: 50 Love Letters of Healing and Restoration from our Lord” is a special prophetic devotional where you will find Jesus in the pages of this book. Website:

I Will Bring A Thing Of Beauty From The Dead Places – A Word by Steve Porter

Steve Porter

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Hear the Word of the Lord today. My precious one, the enemy will try to declare that you are defenseless and useless to My Kingdom, but I say otherwise, so believe what I say. If you have pain from the past that plagues you, let me disarm the enemy with that sweet spirit of healing, and restoration. Perhaps you have been discouraged and despairing after listening to the lies of the enemy. Do not entertain these lies… nor play them on the theater of your mind. Let Me renew your mind today and purify your thoughts. The only thing that matters is what I declare. So, focus on the sound of My voice as I sing a new song of rejoicing over you. Know this today My Child: I will bring a thing of beauty from the dead places and losses of your life… so give those hurtful things over to Me, and I will turn them into sweet victory. Watch and see the salvation of your God! I am at work even when you can’t trace my hand.

You can no longer feel that life-giving power flowing through you, because you’ve become increasingly weak from the fight. You feel like a field of burned grass that has been far too long without water. So, hear the word of the Lord: though you may feel weak now, believe that you will overcome every obstacle with My guiding hand resting upon your shoulder. You are never far from My love or from My mighty power within you, so let it flow through you once again into this broken and hurting world. Be restored, My child, for as long as your heart beats with mine, we cannot be defeated. For we are one– forever and always

I am preparing a people for this day says the Lord, who are being made ready to function in a higher realm of spiritual authority, which will affect both the church and the nations. Therefore, it is imperative that you spend quality time ‘waiting’ in My presence with an upward gaze—that you might be able to hear and quickly obey My leadings

Take heart, My child, for I am with you always. Even in the darkest of times, I will breathe on you and awaken your spirit with My powerful presence, infusing you with new life and rejuvenating your soul. As you seek Me with all your heart, trust that I am working behind the scenes to transform you into something truly glorious – a shining beacon of hope in a world filled with darkness. My power flows through you like the fresh green grass that springs up after a spring rain, giving you the strength and courage to go out into the world and make an impact. So, take heart, My Overcomer, for I have big plans for you. Trust that I am covering every detail of your life and know that I will manifest My presence through your every action – enabling you to fulfill your great destiny as a light to this broken world. So go now, full of My power, ready to overcome anything that comes your way! You are more than conqueror through Me who loves you!

Steve Porter

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