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Identifying Familiar Spirits that cause repeated Spiritual Warfare in your life – A Word by Kathy DeGraw

Have you ever noticed repeated spiritual warfare manifesting in your life? Spiritual Warfare that repeats itself around certain seasons, events, or holidays?

I used to get attacked in a certain month of the year and around a certain holiday each year. As this went on for years, I pressed into the Lord to see how I could combat such attacks. I didn’t want to feel defeated when Jesus has purchased my victory.

Are you financial continually being attacked? Is it difficult to move forward in prosperity?

Do you feel as though your relationships or employment opportunities are being sabotaged?

Can you notice months or seasons you seem to be under intense warfare?

These are some of the many signs a familiar spirit can be at work in your life. Identifying where the familiar spirits are at work in your life will assist you in relinquishing their attacks.

Follow the steps I will be giving you to release the familiar spirits and spiritual warfare perpetrating your life:

· Do you get depressed around the anniversary of the death of a loved one? Not depressed because of grief, but does it appear something else attacks you around that time to make you sad, angry, or frustrated?

· Is there a holiday that is important for you to celebrate, but 2-4 weeks before the holiday, you find yourself struggling with sickness, dissension in a relationship, or financial strain?

· Have you noticed around your birthday or anniversary, especially a month before receiving conflict, job loss, or marriage problems?

· Does it seem as though no matter how hard you try to pay off your bills and get financially ahead that the attacks keep coming, and you have continual financial insufficiency?

· Are you being attacked continually with a spirit of infirmity?

Identifying what and when you get spiritually attacked is the first step in identifying the familiar spirits activating against your life. A familiar spirit is a monitoring spirit that follows and creates the same problems in your life. It knows the generational curses, misfortunes, and behavior patterns and demises of your family. It creates the same cycles, seasons, and patterns of destruction in your life, ministry, health, business, and finances.

Familiar spirits can be thwarted when we pray on the offense instead of the defense.

List Your Attacks:

· List the month your attacks seem to manifest.

· List the event or reason, such as a holiday, a time of year that is special to you, or if it surrounds a family event, memory, anniversary, or birthday.

· Timeline the entry point. Discern with the assistance of the Holy Spirit how long this has been happening. Write out the last 10 years and see if you can remember what attacks happened each time of year in the past 10 years around that specific time.

Look at your list and see if you can identify the earliest occurrence of repeated spiritual warfare attacks, even if you have to go back more than 10 years. After you have listed all you can remember meditate and think about what happened the year prior. Were there any traumatic events that occurred in your life, a divorce, death, or a place where you were in sin and disobedience? If you can identify an entry point or root cause to the demonic infiltration repent of such activity or make sure you have released the grief, shame, guilt or self-condemnation of the event.

Praying on the offensive instead of the defense will eliminate these familiar spirits and annihilate the demonic attacks from repeatedly happening in your life.

Spiritual Warfare Strategies:

· Repent of any sin and ask the Lord to forgive you.

· Forgive yourself for anything you participated in which opened a door.

· Forgive others who have been involved in the events.

· Identify the dates, cycles, seasons, months of attacks.

· Pray offensively one month in advance of the date you can identify.

Pray audibly to combat the spiritual attacks. You must pray audibly as the demonic realm needs to hear you taking authority over the familiar spirits. See my book, Speak Out, for instructions on how to pray effectively through the power of audible declarative prayer.

Prayer Strategy Declarations:

· I bind and restrict every familiar spirit from operating in my life.

· Familiar spirits, be abolished of your assignment. Fire of God apprehend my enemies.

· I speak, decree, and declare there will be no more repeated bad happenings and spiritual warfare attacks in my life.

· I send forth angels on assignment to uproot the spoiler’s plan in my life.

· I proclaim familiar seasons of the past are gone, and all things are new. I am protected, loved, covered, and prosperous. Every good thing is coming my way.

· I bind and restrict demonic activity from going forth in my life. No more delays, hindrances, or obstructions will come my way. I have been bought and paid for by Jesus Christ! Therefore, no weapon formed against me will prosper!

· I thank you, Lord, you are working on my behalf! I decree I am set free from familiar spiritual warfare attacks, by the blood of the Lamb, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Learn more about spiritual warfare in Kathy’s podcast Prophetic Spiritual Warfare and through her book, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan.

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