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I was recently praying for many people we run with. I was praying over different individuals and sensed strongly that God was about to do something big and powerful in many of their lives. During this time of prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am going to give people lasting impartations to build big.”

You are about to enter into a season where God is going to release an impartation over you to build big. Do you have a big vision or dream? Do you have promises and prophetic words from the Lord that you haven’t seen come to pass? The answer is yes! You just feel as if you are lacking the key insight or impartation you need in order to fully step into what God has for you. I have great news for you, my friends! This is your season! This is a season to win and be successful in everything you put your hands to. God is releasing key wisdom, insight and impartation for many in the body of Christ to begin to build. Don’t quit prematurely, keep going.

I feel to challenge you with this question, “When God releases this impartation will you be ready for it?” I know many business people who are great and gifted at what they do. However, when they achieved success their devotion to the Lord and their character and integrity suffered. The more successful you become the closer you need to draw to the Lord. The Lord spoke to me many years ago and said, “To the amount that you can walk in humility I will increase you.” When God blesses you don’t become prideful. The Bible says, “every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.” We must never forget where God has brought us from and that He was the one who blessed us.

Why is this important? Because the impartation to build big is coming to many people. God is releasing key wisdom and the impartation to build. What will you do with it? I want to encourage you today, get ready because God is about to answer the prayers you have been praying!

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