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Important New Word From Charlie Shamp

Charlie Shamp is the Co-Founder and President of Destiny Encounters International. He is a sought after international key note speaker. He has been commissioned by Heaven as a Prophet to bring healing and revival in the nations. He has ministered both nationally and internationally with radical demonstrations of faith seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Website:

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Important New Word From Charlie Shamp

Charlie Shamp

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The Lord spoke to me that He is stitching together a prophetic mantle reserved in Heaven for the new company of prophets that He wants to release on the earth, He called them the bridal company. This garment is being stitched together by a three cord strand through the Spirit of unity and bonded together through the bond of peace. I heard the Lord say, “I am gathering from three different prophetic movements that I have birthed in the earth from the past. These were three distinct heavenly birds that I sent to the earth and they built prophetic nests for me. They have come home to heaven, but they multiplied themselves and released their mantles upon their children before they left the earth. I will pull at their son’s and daughter’s heart strings in this season with a new prophetic sound in an attempt to knit them together so their movements will fly as one. This will happen if they hear the new sound and catch the fresh wind that is about to come. When this happens I will release a new prophetic movement, a new bird will come.”

I then saw in the Spirit a mantle come out of heaven carried by the wind of His word. Engraved on this mantle was the phrase, a threefold cord is not easily broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:1) Then I was shown the other side of the mantle. Engraved on the other side of the mantle was; behold, they are written in the book of Samuel the seer, and in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the book of Gad the seer. (1 Chronicles 29:29) I again heard the Lord say, “I am offering to the sons of the Prophets the same mantle that I gave Elisha, a heavenly legacy. This is a double portion of the prophetic and is the inheritance only given to the first born, but I will lay it upon those who catch this new wind that I am releasing from my throne. They will receive it and fly together in the unity of the Spirit.”

Suddenly I saw a mighty rushing wind released from the throne room and it blew across the earth. I saw three different birds take flight simultaneously and soar together as one. 1. The Golden Eagle- the golden eagle represented the Seer prophets. Those that are given supernatural insights and heavenly revelation through dreams and visions. They carry a wonder working power of the supernatural. They often manifest unusual wonders and manifestations of the glory. 2. Silver winged Dove- the silver winged dove represented the nabi Prophets. Those that spontaneously prophesy as the spirit moves upon them. They are given a ministry of signs that manifest in the area of deliverance and healing. 3. Snow White Owl- the snow white Owl represented the prayer and holiness Prophets. These are watchers and prophetic intercessors. They are those who the Lord had sent to pray and intercede of cities and nations. From out of this prophetic bird has sprang the prayer and purity revival movements. As I looked at these three birds that took flight each one had a face of a man. The Golden Eagle look like a young Prophet Bob Jones, his eyes piercing and laser like seeing directly into the heavens. The silver winged dove had the face of a young Prophet Kenneth Hagin, his silver tipped wings released healing and deliverance to the nations. The snow white Owl had the face of a young Leonard Ravenhill, his eyes pierced the darkest of night and carried the wisdom of the Heavenly Father. These three birds caught the fresh wind of the Spirit and as they flew together this new mantle was placed around their shoulders. When this happened they changed into a white swan and began to fly with grace and splendor.

I heard the Lord say, “this is my bridal company! Those who have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying to the church. If you will fly together as one, a new prophetic movement will come. A new bird will be released one the enemy can’t stop nor hinder, one that carries grace, glory and splendor. This bird will rise to new heights, she will win every war, battle, and fight. Nothing will be withheld from my heavenly hands, for I’ve called my bride to stand. The hosts of heaven will be at her command! So unite and see my power come, for I’ve called my bride to overcome!” This fourth heavenly bird represents the heavenly bride that carries the Spirit of the Overcomer. This heavenly bird is one that God wants the church to give birth to in the earth in this hour. It’s a heavenly bird of Grace, Glory, and Power! I believe we are in a season of acceleration in the prophetic, a new mantle is being offered to the church. God is looking for leaders to unite from these three movements. As they come together in this season a new fresh wave of prophetic power will be released upon this young prophetic generation of sons and daughters. It will take the spirit of Elijah coming upon the Fathers and Mothers to unite the different prophetic movements, but they will release a bridal company and the new prophetic bird will be released in the earth that the world has never seen before.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp

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