Teresa Jones is a prophetic voice who ministers in and through the Father’s heart, with a desire to see the body of Christ grow in intimacy with the Father, in hearing His voice, being healed of wounds and traumas and maturing in their gifts and callings. She is an apostolic/prophetic intercessor with a heart to birth and uncover the keys that shift and bring change. Teresa and her husband David live in Tallahassee, Florida where they minister to the local body, the community and to governmental leaders.

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Increase In Your Authority – A Word by Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones

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During a recent time of worship I began sensing that we were being surrounded by angels and that the battle we are facing itself is surrounded by angels.

I suddenly understood that through this battle God is placing a Rod of steel down our backs for many in the body of Christ.

I understood that through this battle He is developing an Increase in our spiritual authority!


Then I began to hear-

The enemy is terrified of a SURRENDERED believer who KNOWS their AUTHORITY in CHRIST!  That’s part of what this battle is about.

There is a battle taking place right now over the very nature and scope of your spiritual authority. Increase is taking place. You have been given ALL authority in heaven and earth to bind and loose, to forbid and allow, but YOU have to KNOW it, YOU have to WALK in it , YOU have to RUN with it. YOU have to DECREE it!

I’m putting in a rod of steel down your back! I am developing a spiritual determination within you that will never break or bend, one that will never give up or give in, one that continues to pursue me in the face of significant challenges and even when it looks like all is lost. I’m building in you the “NO Quit In you” version – the “no run or hide” version is coming forth in you!  Abide in me. Learn to dwell, to live, and to breathe in me! Take a deep breath of me says God. Then release that powerful roar I have put within you! It is time!


For many of you there are prayers, decrees and songs of deliverance, healing and freedom being birthed in you! They are being formed even now during the battle deep down inside of you – just waiting to be birthed! There are breakthroughs and new beginnings on the very tip of your tongue waiting for the moment of decree! There’s new LIFE on your whispers that are turning into roars says God! Sometimes you are to whisper and sometimes you are to roar! I’m giving you the discernment, that inner knowing of when to whisper and when to roar!  And when it’s time to roar – you will Roar! It’s not by might nor power but by my Spirit says God!

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