Kaylie Hollins’s heart is to see this generation restored back to the heart of the Father by loving God like never before. Kaylie believes intimacy with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is key to walking in the fullness of God on earth as it is in Heaven. Kaylie moves in the prophetic and loves to share what’s on Gods heart to bring encouragement, direction and vision for the journey ahead. kaylieHollins.co
Is The Church Dead Yet?
A Word by Kaylie Singh
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The Lord came to me in a dream as righteous judge. I was standing in a church and He said to me, “THIS CHURCH IS DEAD” I looked around and noticed it was empty. I said, “I will pray for the people to come in!” So I started to SING LOUDLY In prayer. It was so loud the entire world could hear me. 
Suddenly, hundreds of people flocked into the church through double doors. These people were not the usual people that would attend, they were people of the world, people off the streets, from nightclubs, and other worldly places.
The Lord started to remind me of what He said to me recently. I heard Him say, “Something must die first for it to be resurrected, A seed is dead then buried in the grown before it can grow, in comparison a thing must become ‘no thing’ before it can be lifted up.” 
Further, He started to reveal to me what is currently happening across the Earth- The church is dying in a way it has never died before. He is allowing the church to die to its old way of thinking, it’s old religious systems and operations. The church must die to it’s corrupt ways so that The Lord Adonai can raise it up in a new way for this new era.
Old wine skin cannot contain new wine. The old wine skin must be removed and then disposed of before we can put on the new wine skin, which is the new self transfigured into HIS LIKENESS. 
As I was engaging the Lords heart about this word, I went into a vision and saw an empty, dark, and dusty church. In this church was a man sweeping the dust off the floors. Then I heard in my spirit, “The church must be COMPLETELY EMPTIED before it can be completely cleaned of all its filth” 
I believe the Lord is preparing the church for a world wide awakening, where billions and billions of lost souls will come running into the church to know YHVH. However, the Lord is saying, “It is time to clean up the church, and remove all that is NOT OF ME. This must take place FIRST before the billions of souls come flocking in. Why? So they will not be conformed to the old order of things, I AM establishing a new order to arise in this new era.”
Fought’ is an awfully strong word, but these two did have a sharp encounter. We see it unfold in Galatians 2:11-19, where Paul rebukes Peter for caving into the prejudice of a group who said that people from all ethnic backgrounds had to satisfy the Jewish ritual law before they could become proper Christians. This meant, for instance, that men had to be circumcised and that no one could eat pork.
Paul was livid at this perversion of the gospel. They were piling on superfluities, MAKING SALVATION A MATTER OF PERFORMANCE instead of a gift of mercy and grace on the basis of faith alone. If there’s any doubt over how upset Paul was at this heresy, one should read Galatians 5:12, where he says, “I wish those who unsettle you would emasculate themselves!” In other words, as long as they have the knife out, why stop with circumcision? They could be even more “holy” if they kept on cutting!
We must step out of the church age, and into THE NEW AGE by allowing this global reset to prepare us for what the Lord is doing in all the earth. For the Lost are ready to know YHVH FOR WHO HE TRULY IS, AND WHO THEY TRULY ARE. To unveil the mystery that has, for too long now been HIDDEN within each and everyone of us. 
”It’s time for a new day, says the Lord, and nothing can stand in My way!”