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It’s Time to Breakforth and Breakthrough- A Word by Madeline James



As we are exiting out of October and into November, there has been a
shifting taking place in the realm of the spirit. Where there have been
blocks, limits, closed doors and spaces, those things are beginning to open
up. I saw in the realm of the spirit a window of breakthrough open up, and
I heard the Lord say, “It’s time to breakthrough!!” Many of you have been
in intense waves of warfare, but the tide is turning. In the beginning of
October I had released a word about the tide turning in the next 30 days.
Where the momentum of the waves of warfare came to overtake you, it’s
shifting in your favor to ride the wave till it breaks causing you to break
forth into a new place in God. We have entered the new Hebrew year 5779 and
will be entering 2019 soon, 9 is the number of fullness and birthing.
You’re breaking forth into fullness!


​Recently, the Lord has been highlighting the number 5 to me in sequences
of 5, 55, 555. I believe the Lord is emphazing His empowering grace in this

Zechariah 4:6 says, “It’s not by might, power, but by My Spirit says the

The Lord is increasing His grace to you in this season, causing you to
breakthrough and break forth where you could not before. You have been
anointed to overcome! The pressure of the warfare that’s been coming
against you, has been producing the oil you need for the new season you’re
stepping into.


In 2 Samuel 5 it talks about David taking his place to reign over all of
Israel. There was a time span between the moment David was anointed king as
a young boy, to when he actually took his place at age 30, just like Jesus
started His ministry at age 30. Those who have been anointed and appointed
are coming out of the hidden places, and taking their positions on the
front lines. Like David, the Lord is establishing you and enlarging your

2 Samuel 5:10,12 says, “David became greater and greater, for the Lord of
hosts was with him. And David knew the Lord had established him as king
over Israel, and that He had exalted his kingdom for his people’s sake.”

God has been increasing you not just for you, but for His name sake, and to
bring deliverance to others.


Before you are announced on earth, your name is known in heaven.


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2 Samuel 5:17,18 says, “When the Philistines heard that David has been
anointed king over Israel, the Philistines went up to look for him, but he
heard about it and went down to the stronghold. Now the Philistines had
come and spread out for battle in the Valley of Rephaim.”

It said that Philistines heard David was anointed. The reason you’ve been
facing the warfare you have is because the enemy heard you had been
anointed to take your position.​ As soon as the enemy heard David was
anointed, they came to battle. Just as David had been expanding in
influence, the enemy tried to spread out and match David’s influence but
they could not. David was aggressive in His warfare and did not back down.
He took the fight to enemy. Sometimes we face defeat because, we stay on
the defensive instead of the offensive.


In the Hebrew the Valley of Rephaim is rapha, it means old tribe of giants.
David had slain Goliath, but it was time to take out the rest of the giants
in the land. You have been anointed for your warfare. As God has been
increasing, your authority and metron you must now deal with the other
“giants” in your land.

2 Samuel 5:19 says, “So David inquired of the Lord saying shall I go up
agianst the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me? The Lord said to
David, “Go, up, for I will certainly hand them over to you.”

For many of you in this hour have been asking the Lord, “What shall I do?”
I hear the Lord saying, “It’s time to go up and take the land!” The Father
is releasing grace to breakthrough and break forth as you take down the


Sometimes we wait for God to snap his fingers and poof its over. But that’s
not how it works. We partner with the Lord to victory. So David went up to
battle and the Lord came through and caused him to be victorious.

2 Samuel 5:20 says, “So David came to Baal-Perazim, and he defeated them
there, and said, ‘The Lord has broken through my enemies before, like a
breakthrough of water’ so he named that place Baal-perazim which means the
Lord who bursts through.”

You are anointed for Victory! The places where you have felt stuck or boxed
in by the enemy, are breaking through in Jesus name! As the Lord told
David, it’s time to go forth and defeat the giants of your valley, and
watch God come bursting forth on your behalf. I prophesy where the waters
have been held up in your life, they bursting forth moving and removing
every hinderance that has affected the flow of God in your life. I prophesy
you are breaking through and breaking forth in this season!

~Prophet Madeline James

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A Word from Joel Yount

The Eagle And The Snake

A year ago while walking at a park an Eagle had flown right over me carrying what looked like a dead snake. The one thing that amazed me was how low the Eagle was flying as it flew above me. It was as if God was highlighting this occurrence that I had never experienced before.

Before seeing the Eagle and the snake, I had been walking around the park praying and declaring scriptures for breakthrough regarding a situation. Leading up to this time, it seemed as if there was an escalated season of attack from the enemy as someone had attempted to shut the Spirit Fuel website down. However, God stepped in and the individual responsible for that attempt did not succeed. Praise God!

Pay Attention To Signs God Reveals To You

God had stepped in many ways in only he could do. The escalated attacks had ceased. The Lord revealed to me that the Eagle had represented His power and protection coming down and taking the enemy (the snake) out of his place.

The Lord instructed me to send this testimony out today because He wants to remind many of you that nothing is hard for Him. He will send signs in the natural that relate to what is going on in the supernatural.

The prayers and declarations of saying scripture out loud at the park had activated something in the Spirit realm I believe. One important action I had taken before this event was sowing several seeds into different ministries. This act stretched my faith. When I saw what God did and how he turned the enemy’s plans upside down I was amazed. God is turning the enemy’s plans upside down in your own life today! Do something in the natural to activate the supernatural in your life today.

Right now I encourage you to sow a seed of $50, $35, or $25 into Spirit Fuel and name it “Breakthrough” as an act of faith that something will shift in your situation. By sowing a seed today into Spirit Fuel, you will be helping to reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team and resources to maintain the Spirit Fuel platform. I want to encourage 15 of you reading right now who want to go to the next level and take a step of faith and sow a seed of $100, $500, $1,000 or more. (Breakthrough testimonies have come in from this.)


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