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It’s Time To Clear The House- A Word by Daneen Bottler


In the book of Matthew, chapter 9 there is an account of a ruler whose daughter was very ill and dying. This Ruler left his home and sought Jesus out, believing by faith, that if Jesus would just simply touch her, she would be healed and live. Jesus agreed and along with his disciples went to the Ruler’s home. As they came into the home there was a noisy crowd and people playing loud flutes that had gathered and begun the mourning ceremonies believing that the young girl was dead. In the Ruler’s absence they had started the funeral. But Jesus does something unexpected. He commands the crowd to go away because the girl is not dead, she is only asleep.

Matthew‬ ‭9:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬
“he said, “Go away. The girl is not dead but asleep.” But they laughed at him.”

BUT THEY LAUGHED AT HIM! The crowd refused to believe Jesus; they refused to believe that what appeared dead could possibly be alive. It took the ruler demonstrating his authority by taking charge in his own house and putting the noisy, doubtful and mocking crowd outside of the house in order create the atmospheric seed bed of faith necessary for the miracle to be performed.

There are three things I hear the Holy Spirit saying right now over us as Believers:

1. It’s time to take our authority and clean out our own houses. The noise of the crowd and the sound of mourning are ruling many believer’s lives and need to put “outside” the house of our hearts. For some that will mean literally placing relationships that have been given a wrongful voice or produced toxic results, outside the circle of friendship.

We are the ones who are responsible to set the tone and atmosphere in our lives of radical faith and trust in Jesus. Giving a place in our hearts to naysayers, doubters, mockers and mourners only perpetuates the atmosphere of doubt and we must be vigilant in guarding our hearts and covenants by being deliberate in who we form bonds of friendship with.

2. Seek The Lord with your whole heart and you will find Him. Don’t seek the promise or the idea of what an outcome will look like. If you stay close to the One who gave the word and promise, it will come to pass regardless of what the circumstances say. That is a principle you can take to the bank.

3. The Lord wants to remind us that there is more to be seen than just what is on the surface or in the natural. What appears to be dead is merely sleeping and waiting for a touch from Jesus!!!

Jesus is the breath and the giver of Life. Often the blockage or delay in birthing a promise from the Lord, is our own thinking and the Lord is simply waiting for us to invite Him to be the one that performs His word, instead of us trying to work it out. This is where it is easy for the enemy to use disappointments to try to grab hold of us, but we have to be willing to lay those at the feet of Jesus and look at Him and Him alone saying, “not my will, but Yours be done in me, Lord. Be it unto me according to Your word, not according to my mindset.”

It is our faith in Him as the Lord Jesus Christ that overcomes the world within and around. It is our faith in Christ Jesus that throws obstacles of wrong thinking into the sea and helps us to see according to the Holy Spirit.

It’s time to clear and clean out the house and align with Him as Lord of All, in each of our hearts and lives. Stay the course and finish 2018 strong. Set the atmosphere in your heart and mind for Jesus, the God of the Impossible to work and watch Him perform His Word in your life, solidifying the foundations that the Lord will build upon in your heart in 2019.

Daneen Bottler

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