Towina M. Jones is a Triumphant Kingdom Champion. She champions Christ, and as a result, wins in life. With authority and authenticity, Towina encourages, empowers, energizes, and equips others to live an elevated, liberated, and victorious Kingdom life, in and through, Christ. She is the Founder of Torch of Victory Worldwide Ministries. Towina is also the Global Director of International Coalition of Apostolic Intercessors (ICOAI), which was founded by Apostle Dr. Brenda W. Colbert.

It’s Time To Go Up Now! – A Word by Towina M. Jones

Towina M. Jones


It’s time to go up now!

I have been flying in airplanes for 30+ years now. Never in the history of my travels have I ever experienced a plane that took off as quickly as today’s plane did. It was a little shocking and scary to be honest! We literally hit the runway and BAM, we TOOK OFF into our ASCENT. Right now I hear The Spirit of Grace saying, “It’s time to go up now! I have been ROOTING you down, NOW I am SHOOTING you up! I have prepared, positioned, and purposed you for what I am delightfully doing through you even in this very moment. Your day to RISE, ROAR, and SOAR is at hand.”

Listen, I sense in my Spirit so strongly that many of you are leaving the long season of EXTREME EXCAVATION by The Lord, and stepping into a dimension of ELEVATION and EXPANSION that is going to leave you in utter awe of what The Lord has done. I see many of you speechless with tears streaming down your faces. If you have the faith to believe and receive, your days of being GROUNDED end today. Your DEBILITATING DELAY ends today! By the UNSTOPPABLE POWER of God working within me, I decree it to be so. It is happening SUDDENLY. It is happening NOW. Buckle up! It’s time to go up! Nothing can limit or stop you now. You’ve been cleared for take off by the CHIEF NAVIGATOR! Up, up, and away!

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