It’s Time To Push! – A Word by Erica Murphy

Erica Murphy is called to the remnant as a seer and prophetic dreamer to help usher the body into His presence with fire. Ordained as a deliverance minister, she is the founder of Tried by Fire ministry which travels the United States setting the captives free . Erica blazes new trails as a visionary through angelic encounters and Holy spirit leading. She’s also a YouTube personality releasing God’s words to many. Her heart is to see lives transformed through deeper encounters with Jesus.

It’s Time To Push! – A Word by Erica Murphy

Erica Murphy

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In the past 2 months God has shown me in several dreams the church is pregnant.

Many of God’s chosen have been preparing in the wilderness. Full of His seeds of…promises, miracles, ministries, relationships, restoration, revival and recompense. They have battled hard against the enemy. At times being brought their knees yet they always stood back up. The adversary sent floods trying to cause many of the chosen to miscarry. Some will come out with battle wounds unknowing those scars make them stronger. These ones have stayed in the secret place with The Father while it seemed everyone else was passing them up. They held on to the hem of His garment knowing in the right time God will make it happen.

The pregnancy has been uncomfortable.

In my dream a family member’s wedding had taken place and because of obligations to God I missed it. Some of my family was putting tables together for the reception. I asked if I could help and they said no. No one sat on my side. I was alone so I got up and went to sit with them. They began to shout at me for missing the wedding. Then full on SORROW hit me. It was not a physical pain but pure sorrow. At that moment a wall was in front of me and I somehow knew it was time to push. I had spiritual IVs in my hands. It was time to give birth and the sorrow literally took my breath. The only words I could muster out was….”God have mercy on me.”

When I woke up I was literally crying

My spirit instantly knew it was time for the church to push. Labor is work and it is painful but the end result is miraculous.

John 16:21 says “A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.”

All the battles, all the tears, they haven’t been for nothing friend.

Revelation 12 speaks of the woman giving birth and the dragon waiting to devour the child. She went into the wilderness and the dragon persecuted her. He sent a flood after but with the help of the earth she was not overtaken.

It’s time to PUSH church!

A massive birthing is taking place.

Sadly some will let the enemy devour it, others will hide it eventually letting the light die. I want to encourage you to embrace what God gives you.

This is the hour to TRUST Him fully.

He says, I’m not asking you to understand, I’m asking you to trust me.

May 9th dream:

I had a dream a few women in a church were pregnant. One lady was in a white dress and she was the pastors wife. Another woman was handicapped and in frantic mode as she did not know she was pregnant. Still there was others. All of a sudden a big wave of water rushed inside the church. These women were wading and pushing through the water.

My spirit knew the church’s water has broke!

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