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Jesus Christ and You – The Light and the Priesthood – A Word by Crystal Wade

Crystal Wade

Understanding Light

In the context of Father’s divine appointments (the feasts), so many things that our Lord Jesus Christ said and did make perfect sense.

In prayer portions of the Shabbat meal for believers, the mother says, as she lights the candles, “Jesus said, I AM the light of the world, and our Lord said, You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (John 8:12, Mark 5:14-16).

It makes sense to understand Jesus as the light of the world, as Mom lights the candles when the sun goes down on Friday night.

But, there’s more! And it is all real! And we can sink our (spiritually) hungry teeth into it!

In the worship Father instructed Moses to administer, light had a special protocol. It was important that the protocol be administered according to the pattern Father showed Moses. This was because the earth pattern mirrored Heaven’s prototype.

Processing Olives = Light

The Levites who were on-duty would take firstfruits of olives (the first and best of the crop) and crush them. Olives are good for so many things–to eat, to cook with, to make creams, lotions and products from, and to supply light.

For worship, the olives had to undergo a change in their physical structure.

The olives were crushed, not for their destruction, but for their metamorphosis from a raw food into a light source. After eight days, the oil extracted from the olives could be used to light the seven-branched menorah inside the Temple. Father instructed that the light must not go out.

Therefore, olives had to be continually prepared to keep the light continually burning.

When Jesus said, I AM the light of the world, one of His references pointed to the process of the olives. He was physically crushed as olives were when He underwent the process of the cross, chronicled in Isaiah 53.

Father never purposed the cross as the end of the story, but as the new beginning.

Jesus chose to enter our human experience, bear all our sins, grief, sorrows, iniquities, and debt, and allow Himself to be crushed on our behalf—to release His light, given for us.

As His physical body bore the suffering, His spirit released the light within–and made room for us to receive His light in which we see light (Psalm 36:9).

The Light of the World provided Himself as the light that continually burns on the seven-branched menorah in the Heavenly Temple.

Our Process of Troubles = Light

We, too, go through times of crushing. In this process, Father is working. Olives are good and multi-purposed. As good as they are, once eaten, they vanish!

When we allow our Heavenly Father to work in our lives, through our own sufferings (trials and troubles), He is creating His permanent light in us so that our spirits are ablaze and synchronized to/in the light of His Son.

In this, the olive’s life moves beyond being eaten and enjoyed for a short time to giving light for all time.

Yes, because the person that we become will last forever. And, the world has need of our light. They need to see the Light of Heaven more than they need to eat a one-time meal of olives.

Passover is the very moment in physical history when the Lord Jesus Christ completed His suffering on the cross where the crushings produced the light of the world in such a way that His life became our life-giver.

The light of resurrection morning broke through as Father’s resurrection power surged through Jesus!

The troubles we go through can create compassion in us for others. That’s the process of the priest—to identify with the people and then to release prayers of mercy, compassion, and reconciliation. Jesus’ life, light, and love changed the world–and the Father is actually “processing us as olives” to do the same as part of the royal priesthood under our High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I AM the light of the world (John 8:12).

You are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

Prayer Response

Father, thank You that the crushing of my Lord Jesus Christ, and the troubles I go through, were never the end of the story. Thank You that this process metamorphosizes me into the character of Your Son. I yield to You the suffering I have carried in my heart, and those places in my heart, releasing them to You for Your healing and restoration. Cause those troubles to bear great fruit of light in me, as I give You freedom to bring Your light in me. Let my light shine bright, true and everlasting from the oil released through my own olive crushing process. Cause prayers of compassion and mercy to arise from my heart for my family, the Body of Christ, and for my nation in the manner of my High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. Cause my light to burn strong and bright so others can see a clear picture of You in me. Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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