“Josephs” Are Being Released With Heavenly Intel And Natural Resources! – A Word by Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins is a seasoned prophetic writer, teacher, and Christian leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience across denominations. Her passion is to communicate God’s heart to his people, empowering them to build the kingdom of God. Website: hisinscriptions.com

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“Josephs” Are Being Released With Heavenly Intel And Natural Resources! – A Word by Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins

Email: [email protected]HisInscriptions.com

In today’s post, I want to share several important visions, along with a confirming dream that comes from a trusted prophetic friend of mine. They give an inside look at of how godly government is now being released to overcome demonic agendas.

Please share this post with those who have a desire to see God’s glory released in greater measure. You’ll find prayer points at the end of the post.


Two years ago I had a vision of an ancient-looking man who appeared to be walking along a dirt road in Israel. He was clothed in a multi-colored garment which covered a white tunic underneath. He wore brown sandals on his feet.

This Bible character’s hair was dark. He had a turban on his head, and he was looking down as he walked. He was neither happy nor sad, but had a thoughtful, determined look on his face.

What stood out most to me was that he carried a modern-day backpack filled with scrolls. His name, I knew in the vision, was “Joseph.”

That was the end of the vision.


On March 6, 2021, I was ministering at a church in Tennessee. Quite unexpectedly, in the middle of an early-morning prayer time I had a second “Joseph” vision.

I looked into an ancient cave and saw that there were twelve Josephs standing inside.

Each man looked the same as the first Joseph I had seen in the earlier vision. Each had his own backpack. There was nothing else in the cave but two long, white folding tables covered with scrolls.

The twelve Josephs were quietly loading scrolls into their backpacks before beginning their journeys. It was clear that they had a traveling apostolic ministry of some sort.

Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the vision, saying that there were two tiers of Joseph-anointed believers being released by heaven. These tiers did not represent levels or ranks; but functions.

The first tier represented Josephs who ascended to heaven‘s storehouses to pull down to the earth the supernatural wisdom and resources needed directly from the Throne. Their work was done first through prayer, and then through the communication of Divine intelligence.

The second tier represented Josephs who tapped into existing supplies on the earth. These men and women knew how to multiply resources or create storehouses in the natural world that would benefit the Kingdom of God during times of need. These were the generous givers and wise investors who believed that their resources belonged ultimately to God.


In the book of Genesis, Joseph had the authority to open and close the storehouses of Egypt at will.

In the same way, God is now raising up believers who have the governmental authority of heaven (represented by the number 12) to release end-time provisions both spiritual and natural into the earth.

A time of both famine and harvest is upon us. As evil governance increases, God’s righteous government is also emerging. Man has the choice to support either explosive growth or explosive destruction, depending on whose side is taken. Isaiah tells us that there will be no end to the increase of Godly government.

The world is looking for “Josephs” to arise: those whose spiritual backpacks are filled with the supernatural wisdom that causes great increase. 

In the most difficult circumstances, God is increasingly causing committed believers to move as the Spirit-led, supernatural beings they truly are. It is only by following the blueprints of heaven that we succeed!

The time for lax, compromised Christianity is over. Christians who make a difference on the earth today must be empowered by the supernatural to overcome evil. These are the ones who see governmental opposition as a Sovereign opportunity leading to Divine promotion: the glory of God!


On September 17th of this year, I had a third encounter in which Holy Spirit said: “The time for releasing the twelve Josephs is here. This spiritual tier of “Josephs” will be sent out worldwide to help ignite revival.” 

Immediately after hearing this, I was taken into a vision. I saw the twelve Josephs again.

The first tier of Josephs – those able to engage heaven – were now being sent out to release the glory of God in strategic locations. They seemed to have undercover missions which ignited surprise spiritual “explosions” in each region.

However, as I continued to watch, I heard the Spirit warn: “There are also twelve demonic counterparts to heaven’s Josephs. These “counterfeit Josephs” have already been sent out by the enemy on suicide missions with the goal of disseminating fear rather than faith.” 

I saw that the counterfeit Josephs also carried backpacks, but that their backpacks were full of bombs

Immediately the vision ended and I remembered the Boston Marathon bombing in April of 2015, along with the more recent Capitol Hill bombing last January.

I was alarmed and began seeking the Lord in prayer, asking: “What can we do? How do we stop this from happening?” 

The Lord said: “You cannot stop this, for they have already been sent out. But you CAN mitigate the damage by praying in advance.” 

I was not sure what to do with this information, and began praying as He had directed. Amazingly, within days, a gifted prophetic friend messaged me, saying she’d just had a powerful dream.


A reader of His Inscriptions dreamed that she was standing outside of a mall talking on the phone.

While she talked, a robber came by and tried to grab her or her bag, but couldn’t. My friend was not fazed by this, even though he was clearly robbing other people and putting things in his car.

But it became known that the robber was going to bomb the mall.

My friend ended her phone call in order to call her husband, Sam, who was in the mall at the time. She warned Sam to get out of the mall because it was going to blow up.

People  outside the mall, including my friend, began to go up a nearby hill to be far enough away from the bombing that it wouldn’t harm them.

In the dream, Sam didn’t really believe the warning, and was not moved by his wife’s concern. The dream ended and – like me – my friend wasn’t sure what to do with the information.

What’s amazing is that my friend had her dream on September 17, 2021: the exact same day I was given my third vision about the backpack bombers! 


Praying friends, I feel compelled to share all this with you to encourage you: godly government and glory IS coming in greater measure! Yet there is also an unmistakable prophetic warning in the Spirit to pray and cover our nation in light of these visions and the confirming dream.

Biblically, Samuel represents the most accurate and respected prophet in the Old Testament. His name means “God has heard.” 

Far from causing alarm, the dream shows us that those who remain in prayerful communication with heaven and heed the wisdom of hiding themselves on the hill of the Lord will remain safe! Those who choose to ignore such warnings risk being harmed by demonic emissaries bent on destruction.

JOSEPH’S “WEAPONS”Both Joseph and Jesus shunned military or nationalistic weapons to bring about justice in their days.

When Joseph finally reached his position of governance in Pharaoh’s kingdom, he was a broken man who was, like Christ, acquainted with sorrow, grief, and rejection. His life’s journey had equipped him with the weapons of humility and compassion.

Because Joseph emerged with a different “grid,” or framework, for healing and personal authority, he wept with compassion when his brothers returned to him, despite their previous harsh treatment.

Empowered by supernatural love, Joseph became the source of life-giving blessings and provision to his family in a time of deep famine and need. He could be considered a “tier two” Joseph with respect to these visions.

Jesus relied on the weapons of prayer and compassion to bring heaven to earth. He fed people with heavenly food and used “Divine intel” to strengthen and heal His people. He would be considered a “tier one” type of Joseph.

God is now prospering and releasing modern-day Josephs – both men and women – so that they can build, strengthen, feed, and care for our Kingdom family. Let’s be among those who pray for the release of God’s glory and the protection of God’s people through the unique gifts these “Josephs” possess!


Please join me by using these prayer points as you intercede:

~ That those commissioned by heaven as “Josephs” in this hour will hear the call, receive their scrolls, and respond, releasing either spiritual or natural provisions as needed. Pray that these men and women are protected and unharmed as they fulfill their God-given missions. Ask the Lord: “Am I called to be one of them?”

~ That the Lord will intervene and set angelic ambushes against any terrorists who seek to rob, kill, destroy, or preempt what God is doing.

~ That in the wake of any authentic warnings in our nation, people will have the wisdom to “ascend the hill” of the Lord’s Presence and hide themselves until danger passes.

Proverbs 27:12 (note the repeated numbers 27 and 12, as in the visions) says: “A wise man sees trouble and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.”

~ Decree that any successful attempts to bomb our nation will have minimal damage and NO LOSS OF LIFE! (See 2 Peter 3:9)

~ That the Lord will alert YOU to places where He needs “boots on the ground” to pray in advance of any potential attacks. Every place where you set your foot becomes holy ground. Allow Holy Spirit to alert you, just as He did my friend, to the specific locations that need a prayer covering at this time.
Not sure what to pray? Use Psalm 91 as your prayer or decree in each place!

~That readers and friends of His Inscriptions will continue to have their senses trained to discern between good and evil, and will SAY SOMETHING WHEN THEY SEE SOMETHING.

Jesus did nothing without SEEING what Father was doing first. (John 5:19.) The revelatory intel God gives is meant to bless and protect His Body in even the most difficult seasons. What we see and hear in heaven is to be proclaimed from the rooftops!

~That fear will be displaced as the knowledge of the glory of God covers the earth. (Habakkuk 2:14.)

God bless you,


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