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Julie Price: A Vision of Transition ~The Waters Shall Overtake The Mountains!

This morning I saw in a vision, many great mountains. These mountains have stood in your path for some time now. You have tried to go around them, but you are met with another mountain. These are mountains of opposition that have left you fighting feelings of weariness and hopelessness. I saw His weary ones grow so tired, they sat down between the mountains. As they entered into a state of rest, drops of rain began to fall down upon them.  The rain began to wash away all the dirt and debris from the last season.  The people of God began to open their mouths and drink as the rain fell.   The rain continued to fall and fall upon the people of God.

Now strengthened, the people of God began to rise to their feet again.  Hope was filling the air.  Hope and expectation were replacing the weariness and discouragement from the last season.  The residue was being washed away. Now, they were able to see more clearly and stand stronger.  The old season was completely washing away.


The people of God continued to look around and noticed a boat.  Jehovah Jireh had provided not only a cleansing and refreshing, but a means of transportation into the new season! 

The people of God looked for a nearby river to start their new journey on.  Suddenly, they realized the rain was coming down even harder, and was beginning to fill the valleys they stood in; surrounded by all of the mountains.  One by one, they climbed into the boat.  In faith, they believed God had a plan, and even though it still looked uncertain and the storms in their lives were still raging, they believed God would make a way for them.  Sure enough, the rains accumulated and LIKE A FLOOD, THE LORD WAS RAISING A STANDARD against everything that was coming against them.  The floodwaters began to carry the boat.  The waters continued to rise and rise and flow over the mountaintops and through the valleys they had once stood in feeling so hopeless.  Everything not of God was being washed away, and the people of God were resting safely in the boat (the ark) that God had provided them!




The people of God watched in awe as mountaintops were completely covered over by the rains of Heaven!  As they spend time in this boat, the Lord continued to provide for them.  I saw the people of God getting downloads from Heaven about the new life that awaited them.  They took out notebooks and began to journal everything God was saying to them for the next season.  They were filled with revelation, joy, hope, and power.  This time in the boat was a final, and yet brief, time of transition from an old season to a new season.  God took great care of His people during this time.  He continued to carry them upon the water as all the old was washing away.   Angels began to sing all around them, “All things new!  All things new!  Gone is hope deferred!  All things new!”

Next I saw the rain beginning to subside and the sun coming up.  New land began to appear upon the horizon.   The water, His Spirit, had carried the people of God to their new destination.  They had never seen anything like it before.  Filled with wonder, they left the boat and began to run and explore the land the Lord had brought them into.  I looked over and saw a sign that said, “Welcome To Treasure Island-Your Promised Land!”  The land was filled with abundance.  The people of God found themselves living in a brand new place.  It was like no other place that had ever lived before.  The land was filled with the treasures of heaven and every need they had was met and then some.  The people of God began to celebrate and take in all that Daddy God had done for them.  As more boats arrived on shore, the people of God ran to them and began to minister to their needs from the overflow of abundance God had provided for them.  No one was ever turned away, and the land continued to be fruitful and multiply.


BELOVED!  Let this vision speak deeply to your spirit today!  There has been a shift. God is bringing us out.  He’s supplying all our needs.  He’s swallowing up all the opposition that has come against us, and He is taking us into our new beginning!  Look up!  Drink Him in!  Come into His presence (the ark), and receive all that He has for you!  Stop!  Rest!   Let Him cleanse you and fill you to overflowing and take you on to victory!  ONLY BELIEVE!



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Prophetic Word: Your Persistence Is Creating Your Breakthrough!
by Joel Yount

Flowers are beginning to spring up from the ground in your life. The tears you have shed in the past have not been wasted. It’s not over until God says its over! Keep climbing up the MOUNTAIN. Your persistence is creating your breakthrough!

Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego God will be with YOU in your fiery furnace trials of life. Remain strong and refuse to back down. YOUR survival could IMPACT future generations for the Kingdom of God! Move forward TODAY in the plans and dreams God has been speaking to you. Place all fears on trial. Advancement is Coming!

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalms 7:17

God is bringing you through the tests to create your testimony!

The STRONG WINDS of adversity attempting to blow you down are moving you into NEW blessings and territory!

Stepping Out With An Act Of Faith

Right now I encourage you to step out with an act of faith and sow a seed into Spirit Fuel of $45 or any amount you feel led to give. As you sow today, name your seed “Breakthrough” and declare Psalms 7:17 out loud right here in front of your computer screen. The daily encouraging emails Spirit Fuel sends out everyday are free and always will be. It takes a dedicated team to manage our website and email list. Help us reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God today. Some of you the Lord may be speaking to you to sow a larger seed of $100, $250, or even $500. As you sow today include your prayer requests as we are praying and declaring breakthrough for your life today!

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