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Prophetic Insight

Julie Price: God Wants To Bless You ~ The Truth About Prosperity Will Set You Free!

When I first began writing for Spirit Fuel, I had just experienced what I call a “divine collision”. Divine intervention would probably sound better, but it felt more like a collision, because it stopped me in my tracks and got me going in the right direction again. I had never felt more stuck in all my life. I was dangling by threads spiritually. I needed lots of inner healing, direction, a life line. I was drowning and needed more help than I ever could have imagined. I was ready for help. I was ready for heart change. I was ready to face me. “Whatever it takes Lord. I want out!” And with that, the journey began.

So what’s this have to do with prosperity? Bear with me.  On my first trip to Zion Christian Fellowship in Powell, Ohio, I had the opportunity to catch up with family, who are part of the leadership there, and enjoy a refreshing worship service. At the lowest point in my life, my cousin catches me at the end of the service and says, “It’s times to leave your comfort zone.” Internally I’m thinking, “Um, Lord, I need help. I’m stuck. Where’s my sappy, sweet, encouraging prophetic word ensuring me everything will be alright?” I basically got a, “Get up Julie. I want to help you. P.S. I love you, God.”

I went back home and the phrase about leaving my comfort zone would not go away. It was in my spirit day and night. Finally, I said, “Ok, God. I will. What do you want?” To which He said, “Go back to Zion Julie.” I asked lots of questions, but He didn’t have much to say except, “Go back.” So off I went without a clue as to why. This is a big leap for a girl who’s been in hiding “so to speak” for quite some time.  I had adapted to my “cave life.”  Now God was asking me to leave it.

On the drive down there were lots of things going through my mind. I had lots of concerns. I had no idea what was about to happen.  I was stressed and yet excited.  As my thoughts are starting to get the best of me, I looked up in the sky and this is what I saw…


The scripture that came to mind was, Matthew 6:25-26, Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?  Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

So what was Jesus saying to me?

“I love you.  I want you to prosper in all things Julie. 

I’m going to take care of you. 

You don’t have to be strong anymore. 

I’ve waited for this heartfelt surrender from you, your whole life. 

Now let Me love you.  Let Me take care of you.”

God wanted me to know how much I was loved.  He was with me.  I was going to be ok.  He wanted me to prosper in all things, and I needed it.  I had lots of things that needed to “be in health” in the whole of my being; mind, body, spirit.   I spent the next several months receiving inner healing, training, and forming lifetime friendships.  I was prospering.  I was healing, physically and emotionally, and it couldn’t have come sooner.  More divine connections were continuing to come along and assure me that not only was I going to make it, but destiny was now beginning to dawn for me.  This was the start of an awesome healing journey that has been non-stop for me.  This was the start of realizing how dearly Papa loved me and wanted me to prosper.  However, the journey about God’s heart and His desire for me to prosper didn’t end here.

Beloved, God desires for you to prosper in every area of your life.  Listen to me church.  It’s happening before my very eyes.  It’s real.  He loves you.  He desires that you prosper.  That said, there is a lot of teaching out there that hasn’t proven very fruitful when it comes to prosperity and your finances.  As I have said “yes” to this healing journey, God has been rebuilding me from the ground up; much of which I have just shared with you in short summary.

In line with my healing journey, recently Father began to tell me that He wanted to heal me in my thoughts regarding finances and prosperity. I knew this was important to God for my personal life, but also for forthcoming ministry and destiny. God was moving on with His next phase of what it meant for me to prosper as His child. So it was no surprise to me that within a few short days of the Lord telling me that, Pastor Jim Baker, from Zion Christian Fellowship, had just released his book, “When Heaven Invades Your Finances”.  I had to get my hands on it fast and in true God-fashion, He made sure that I did.  This book answered every question I ever had concerning God’s heart for me to prosper financially.  Yes, I am about to recommend a book.  When I read it, I knew the body of Christ desperately needs this truth too.  We do church.  We really do.

Please allow me to tell you a bit about my experience with this book and why you need it.  I was so engrossed in this book I read it within 24 hours.  It’s an easy read, and yet packed with revelation.  As I proceeded further into Chapter 5, the same scripture from above appeared and the Lord made it very personal to me as I read it,

“Julie, look at the birds of the air. They neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns,

and yet I, your heavenly Father feed them.  Are you, Julie, not of more value than they? 

Julie, the birds, they let Me take care of them, because they ‘know’ I will. 

They know I will, because they know Me.”  

Then this phrase followed in the book; which Father also made very personal to me,

My precious daughter Julie, 

~No one can take better care of you than Dad~

if you let me….”

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I broke all over again.  The picture from my drive down that day came back to mind; the bird, the worm, the feather.  God had been saying to me all along, “Heaven has come to invade every part of your being, and now, I’m about to invade your finances.  Your heart has surrendered, and I have come to care for you.”  Father began to speak to me again.  “Time to let go Julie.  I want you to dependent on me in every way.  I want to blow you mind and do the impossible.  It’s time for heaven to invade your finances.”  I was being delivered by every word that followed in this book.  Truth was sinking deeply into my innermost being and it was melting me.  Another moment where I realized,

“I don’t have to take care of me anymore. 

Daddy’s got this.”

It’s amazing how trauma, especially early in life, can shape every view you have of Father; of life.  I wasn’t wholly surrendered in this area yet and I had no idea how much so.  I was still trying to keep some form of control; to take care of me.  But now I was melting like nobody’s business.

“I don’t have to think this way anymore. 

Dad’s done all this other stuff,

and He’s going to do this too.”


I felt more and more loved with every page that followed.  Church you need this book.  Packed with truth, easy to read, with “Inner Action” steps at the end of every chapter. I completed every “Inner Action” step, and every time I found deliverance where I needed it most. The content within this book, along with the “Inner Action” activities at the end of each chapter, exposed lies I had been believing; lies that kept me from walking in the truth of God’s Word for my life concerning prosperity/finances. Lies that once exposed, gave me an even greater revelation of how much He loves me!  Never have I gone through a book and experienced so much deliverance as I went. Church!  This is how it should be!

As God continues to transform my life, I continue to find this one thing to be true and it’s written in various ways throughout this book:

Your impression of who God is determines how you receive from Him.

Wrong knowledge produces wrong results.

God will not be anything to me that I don’t first believe Him to be.

Faith is seeing things from God’s perspective.

God is who He is regardless of what you think,

but your impression of God determines what you experience from God.


Church, it’s time for a mind-shift! As Daddy’s children, it’s time we developed a healthy, accurate, Kingdom perspective on God’s heart concerning prosperity. It’s time to live like the King’s kids we are! God wants to bless you and the world needs you!


You need this book! I highly recommend that you fuel up!



 ~Are you ready Church?  Change your thoughts, change your life!  Ready, set, go!~

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