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Julie Price: It’s Time To Break Out Church! ~ You Are Coming Out Of Your Process!


It’s time to break out church.  Many of you have been in an intense process of transformation for some time, but now you are reaching the point of realizing all that you are in Him.

When we become a new creation in Christ, a whole new way of life begins.  I know this may sound cliche, but nevertheless, the Lord has laid this on my heart to share with you.  When we enter into a relationship with Jesus we become a new creation.  We begin a journey of maturing in the Lord and discovering who we really are.  This is truly an amazing process of transformation.  And in this process of transformation, one of the hardest places for a believer to overcome is in our thought processes.  Seriously, “think” about it.  When you were still a caterpillar, you crawled around on the ground.  You couldn’t see very far ahead of you at all, and you ate whatever you could find in front of you; which was typically leaves or some sort of plant.  This was a way of life for you.  It was all you had ever known.

Just like a caterpillar, you begin to shed layers of skin; the old you.  The outer layer of skin comes off so that the harder skin underneath, the hard places in your heart that need transformed, (the chrysalis) can be revealed. This usually becomes a very quiet, dormant time in your life.  A lot is happening in you.  You are being transformed, but that’s not what you see or feel in that moment.  Instead, it feels dark all around you.  You feel confined.  You have entered a phase of your life that seems to make no sense.  You feel alone, isolated, unsure of what seems to be happening on the inside of you.  All you know is, you are not in the phase of life you once were, and at this point, you’re not making much sense of it being a good thing or not.  Your old patterns of life have stopped.  It’s really quiet.  You wonder, “Where are you God?  What is happening to me?”

Just when you think it will never end, you begin to feel compelled to fight your way out of where you are.  You feel ready somehow.  It’s time to emerge. This is what I call “the in between place.”  You’re not who you were B.C. (before chrystalis/before Christ) and you are now ready to break out into who you really are  A.C. (after chrystalis/after Christ). So it’s the “in between.” This is the place of acceleration that the body of Christ is now in.  You are ready to accelerate into who you were born to be.  You have remained submitted to this process of growth; this sometimes painful, often dark, confusing and unsure place of growth.   You are determined now to break out into the new.

Many are in this breaking out process right now.  You are leaving this quiet, confining, uncertain place and you are about to realize you are a whole new person.  You don’t even look the same.  How can this be?  “My Lord, all this time when it was quiet and dark and I felt alone and confused, you were there.  You were doing a deep work in me.  So much so, I don’t even recognize myself!” 




The butterfly must spend some time working their wings upon emerging.  Doing so, causes blood to pump through them and it strengthens their wings so they can begin their new life.  Just like the butterfly, hope is starting to pump through your veins and into your wings.  It’s the Blood; the driving force that will enable you to spread your wings and fly.  You sit there, having newly emerged from the place of chrysalis, just trying to take it all in.  You want someone to come alongside you now.  You’ve been alone for so long.  “Where’s everybody at?  Someone help me.  What do I do with these things called wings?  Someone help me get them going so I can try them out.”

You look over and see a seemingly kind soul, helping another butterfly break free from their chrysalis and fly.  You begin to wonder, “Maybe they will come and help me next.”  But soon you notice, the other butterfly isn’t doing so good.  Their wings aren’t working.  They aren’t strong enough to fly.  What could be wrong?  Soon it becomes apparent that even though they meant well trying to help this other butterfly, they actually harmed it.  This butterfly was meant to fight it’s way out on it’s own.  It’s what gives the butterfly it’s ability to pump blood through their wings and strengthen them to take flight.  Without this part of the journey, the butterfly has gone through all this transformation for nothing.

It’s in the process of fighting our way out and working our wings,

as we wait for them to fill with blood and dry, that we are strengthened. 

Without this process, which no one can do for you,

there is no flying, no becoming the butterfly you were born to be…

You realize what has to be done now, and you continue to wait on the Lord as your wings fill with His blood and begin to dry.  He knows when you are ready.  You practice moving them up and down as you wait to spread your wings and fly.  You’re almost there.  You’ve gone through so much transformation.  It makes sense to you now why God would want you to go through this strengthening process with only Him.  Though other butterflies are around you, each of you must grow into a place of maturity where you are strong enough to endure the process of breaking out and waiting for your wings to be ready to fly.

The day comes.  Your wings feels strong.  You feel good.  You sense the moment you have waited for has come.  It’s time to fly.  Before taking off, you reflect on the change you have gone through.  You realize why God sent you through this journey in the manner that He did.  He was making you stronger; making you ready for your purpose.  It’s the second half of your life now.  No more crawling around on the ground looking for food and ways to survive.  You’re not a victim of circumstances anymore.  You are new.  Your a victor.  You know where your help comes from and you know what you called to do.  It’s time to do your part now; bringing life and beauty to the world.  He has made you ready.  And so, a new life begins.

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That sounds like a good time for, “the end.”  Right?  Almost.  One of the most important things God tells you as you begin this new life is to leave all your old thought patterns behind.  You’re a butterfly now.  You fly, you don’t crawl.  You have lots of new ways of thinking to embrace as you have been made new.  You will feed on nectar from the flowers now; not leaves from the ground.  You are now in your final stage of taking on the “mind of Christ” to become all that He has made you to be.  This is very important church.  You are a butterfly now. You have to renew your mind and let it continually transform you into the person you are now.  You are not who you were.  The caterpillar, the old man, is gone.  You are new. You see things from above now.  You fly over top of your circumstances.  You see life with a heavenly perspective.  Hold your ground butterfly.  If you don’t, you will find yourself caught off guard and vulnerable to prey.  Exercise the senses you now have to discern good and evil.  Did you know?  Butterflies have special eyes.  So do you now.  They are different than what you once had.  In fact, you have two different types of eyes.  One pair of eyes determine light brightness.  The other set of eyes, called compound eyes, are used for main eyesight.  You can see light wavelengths and ultraviolet light.  This represents the spiritual senses you have now acquired, that will equip you in this new season.  You need them, so learn to use them.  Learn the ways of the butterfly.  Receive the mind of Christ into the whole of your being.  Drink Him in.  It’s time church.  We are made in His image and we were “made” for glory.  It’s time for a glorious church to spread her wings and fly!

Fuel Up!

2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

1 Corinthians 2:16, “For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.





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A word by Dana Jarvis

I decree you are making the spiritual journey from the bondage of Egypt into your promised land of destiny. I know you have grown weary. Do not let the murmurings and complaining attitudes rule you. It causes the faith to waiver! Your focus is upon the cup of bitter waters that you are currently drinking from.

Rest assured that your God is making these bitter waters sweet!

You shall taste and see that the Lord is good! You are going to see such extravagance in your daily life. He is delivering much into your hands so reach up and take hold. Just as he was with you before, he is with you now. You are going to drink deep of the Living Waters. The bitter waters of life have tried to steal all joy.

However I hear the Lord say, “It is done, I am the Lord who heals you. I am the Lord who will restore you. I am the Lord who will provide your every need. I am the One that is making the bitter waters sweet!”

I feel so strongly that God is removing your cup of bitter waters you have had to drink for so long. He is causing a turnaround for you in a situation that you desperately need him to move. I am speaking to several and know this word is for you. Even as the Lord led Moses and the children of Israel from their bondage at the Red Sea, it still took one step of faith. One step of faith is all it takes to cause a release from all of this. Take a moment and sow into good ground by giving into Spirit Fuel. For just a contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more given into Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground on which to sow. It is a powerful ministry reaching the world for Christ. As you sow that offering, it is that act of faith that will cause the Red Sea where you are standing to part in your life. The bitter cup will be removed and the sweetness of the Lord shall begin to flow!


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